Suing God

Ok, this is a bit ridiculous and pretty funny (to me at least).

Man suing God

That man should be glad that I’m not God. I know what I’d give him for an “answer” to his law suit.

I heard this a few days ago. Its weird.

I don’t get it :?? He actually filled papers suing God?

From the article: “He said he’s trying to makes the point that anybody can sue anybody.”

Now that sentence isn’t very clear to me. But if his point is to demonstrate how ridiculous the justice system is, and how crazy the business of suing anybody for any stupid thing has become, it’s actually a great way to do it, no? :teehee:

I was really trying to keep my comments to myself… but… but… this is soooo stupid. I can’t believe any lawyer took this seriously, and worse, that the media is reporting it. :doh:

I think it’s hilarious! :lol:

ooooooookay… Let me tell you what happens here when this guy does the things he does. His name is Ernie Chambers. Everybody in the state knows Ernie. He is known well enough that he is known by his first name only. Someone says “Ernie is suing God” and everybody knows WHICH Ernie is doing it. He is a state senator and he is the SOLE reason why term limits were put in place in this state. They wanted him out of office. The problem with that is that his constituents love him and he is the ONLY senator of color in the legislature. He is the ONLY one who actually speaks for the people in his district.

He is also the state senator who suggested the “Learning Community” as an answer to the school districting problem we have in Omaha. I THINK that his point was to prove how racist people are in this state but that wasn’t what he said. The way the learning community worked is that there were Omaha School District would be broken up into three separate districts. The way they laid out, you had a “black” district, a “hispanic” district, and a “white” district. Of course it was not stated that way but when you looked at district lines, it was very clear that was what would happen. I have never seen the legislature move so fast to pass a piece of legislation in this state and the governor signed it ridiculously fast. This in effect segregated our school system. This has been reversed, of course, but it was appalling that so few voices in the legislature stood up against this.

He is also the state senator that has kept us from having Safe Haven laws. His reasoning is that the people at the fire departments are not trained for this and that people need to take responsibility for their actions. I understand his thinking but when we have people leaving babies in dumpsters … well you get it.

The truth about Ernie though is that he is brilliant. He is scary brilliant. I would challenge anybody who wants to take him on when they see his ridiculous antics like this. He didn’t need a lawyer for his suit because he is a lawyer. He does a great job of pulling back the covers and shining the light on things that we all like to keep hidden in this world. Of course, in the process, he makes the rest of this state look crazy…lol.

I worry about what will happen when he is term limited out this next term though. As I said, his constituents love him and I am not sure they will find someone who will work as hard for them as he does.

ooh… :teehee: when I first heard this I happened I sent it to my twitter friends and I got a reply back from one of them that said “It’s about time someone did. God has been playing by His own rules for too long now.”


Brendajos, thank you for the information. It’s always cool to have the ‘real’ story versus what little is reported by the media.

He definitely sounds like an interesting guy. I just love the fact that God responded! I would love to know who filed God’s paperwork.

He he.