I am working on this:

I have about 250 yards of yarn but for whatever reason it’s not enough. I come up short by about 3 inches or so. According to the pattern there is 4 inches from under the arm to the trim. I have enough of the yarn I am using to do the trim but not if I do the full 4 inches. This is a vintage yarn and the chances of finding anymore of this color is slim to none. So, I was figuring on maybe making a white stripe before the trim (the rest is a royal purple color) but should it be plain? I have started knitting the white but if it turns out awful or I have a better idea I will take it out. Or should I add in some design or beads or something? Well, it’s for a baby so maybe no beads but…Anyone have suggestions?

I think it would look fine to use the stitch pattern in the white. It will keep the continuity of the pattern.

Not sure how much you are willing to re-knit…

but you could frog back and using the white do intarsia for the cables, the “button band” area and/or the bottom/sleeve trim leaving you enough purple yarn for the body itself.

It’s a gorgeous color and I kinda like the contrast of the white. Definitely continue the pattern through the color change (cables pull in the fabric so you’d have to decrease sts to continue without them). Love to see a picture of this adorable sweater finished!

Is the yarn you have a different weight? Are you using a different needle size? That as well as just being a tight knitter can affect not only pattern size, but garment size. I always buy one or two extra skeins. You can always use extra for a hat or to blend with another yarn on a project.

It’s a cute sweater. That’s one lucky baby.