I now have a 5-week-old grandson and I’ve been trying to make him a blankie since I found out my daughter was pregnant in January. I only know the garter stitch, so I tend to get bored with solid colors. I must own enough Berrocco solid yarn in every baby color imaginable to outfit a hospital’s nursery. I haven’t been able to find a varigated yarn that’s soft and I just want to knit for the relaxation. A couple of other problems I’m having choosing yarn now is that my son-in-law has just received orders for California and my daughter says it’s the hottest place she’s ever been in her life so I can’t use heavy yarn. Do I use baby colors or stronger colors since he won’t be a “baby baby” much longer? Will he even use a blanket in California and if so should it be a small size since he probably won’t need to be fully covered by it? Can someone PLEASE give me yarn and color suggestions?

It can get cool at nights in CA, even in the desert, if that’s where they’re going. Do you have Berocco’s Comfort? A cotton yarn would be fine, and you can make it whatever color you like. He’s going to need a regular blanket for a playpen, or playing on the floor or whatever. Don’t worry about anything, just make it and I’m sure it will be loved and used.

I’d say a cotton yarn, and, if you can’t find a variegated yarn you like, why not make a striped blanket? Put a couple color changes in there to mix it up a bit…I’d use subdued neutral colors…Nothing too bright or too dark…This blanket is gorgeous and could easily be knit in garter stitch. Hope that helps!

I’d definitely go ahead and make the blanket. Hot climates use air conditioning so a blanket will still be used.

Couple ideas:

Where in CA? I live in southern CA and while it does get hot in the summer, winter can be cold. Winter in the desert can get down into the 30’s at night and dustings of snow isn’t unheard of an lower elevations of the surrounding hills and mountains. I live closer to the coast, but we still get into the 40’s at night some days it doesn’t get out of the 50’s. Plenty cold for blankets.

Caron Simply Soft makes a couple of fun acrylic yarns.
The Paints are multicolor and would make a lovely blanket.

The Shadows fade color in and out and look really pretty.

If you’re on Ravelry you can look up different yarns and see how they look.

First of all, congratulations on your grandbaby! My first grandbaby was born one month ago and another one is being induced tomorrow morning in Taiwan, where my daughter teaches. Won’t be able to see him for a few months… I use Bernat Jacquards and Caron Simply Soft is nice too.

It might help if you tell us which Berrocco yarns you have? An acrylic or cotton or acrylic blend will be the best. They’re lighter weight and washable.

You’ve all given me such great advice, and the blankies you’ve made are absolutely precious. I’ve never even heard of some of these brands so I need to do a little researching. Looks like ya’ll know about LOTS of stuff I don’t know about.
Suziq I’ve got Berrocco Comfort in yellow, cream, pearl, boy blue, barley, and just purchased a color called “crypto crystalline”. I suppose I will donate the “no color” neutrals and hope to learn some new stitches to ultimately use the crypto crystalline. I’m totally NOT a no-color neutral person!!!
Jan my son-in-law is a Marine and they just got order to report to Twenty-nine Palms in January. They were stationed there right after they got married and my daughter absolutely hated it–so I don’t know how this will go. My SIL was in Iraq the whole time she was pregnant and returned home about 2 weeks before Evan was born, so Corey (my daughter) and the baby are used to being here in the same town with us. Wow, CA is a long way away from Alabama!!!
Again thanks to everybody for all your help and I will certainly be looking for some of these beautiful yarns you’ve told me about. Any advice on size? Square or rectangular? I really don’t want to do a 36x36 cause it seems so big and I desperately need to complete something to boost my confidence. I want her to be able to cover him up, but as he gets a little older I want him to be able to carry/drag it around with him if he wants.

You could do one a little smaller about 30 or 32" square. Any size really, it’ll get used somehow. Or you could make a round one, that’s different. There’s a lot of patterns here - - including a pinwheel blanket. I was thinking the Comfort was cotton, I’ve heard it recommended for baby things, but I see it’s acrylic. That’s fine too, nice and washable.

Oh boy. My daughter drives out there occasionally to visit a friend. It really is kind of out in the boonies, but they have all the necessities and some fun stuff like theaters. Palm Springs is about 1.5 hours away by car I think so there’s that, too. I would encourage her to get involved and it’ll make her life easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s a chart of average temps. You can see that from October to may the lows are definitely low enough to need a blanket at least.