Suggestions please!

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Blue”]Hello all!

I’ve decided I want to subscribe to some knitting magazines and haven’t a clue where to begin.

I know I can look at current issues at my LYS but often a particular issue may not grab you straight away and your inclination is to pass, only to find that this mag “usually” has wonderful things.

I’m open to content so any suggestions?

Thanks to all.



The only magazine that I usually run to the LYS to buy is Interweave Knits… I usually find at least one pattern that I want to knit…:thumbsup:

My mom likes Creative Knitting though :teehee:

[COLOR=“Blue”]Thanks - I’ll take a look at both![/COLOR]

Interweave is the one I subscribe to!

I subscribe to “Interweave Knits” as well. It’s always got patterns for every level. Also, the online magazines “” and “Knitting Daily” have great patterns and instruction and articles.

I got Creative Knitting for a few years, but now I get Interweave Knits and like it best. :thumbsup:

You can view the kinds of patterns in IK on their website. The patterns you see immediately on this link are the newest issue. To see the patterns in back issues click the back issues link.

You might also want to join Knitting Daily which is run by IK. It’s got free patterns, a store and tons of info on a regular basis.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Thanks Jen - It certainly looks as if Interweave is a favorite. Boy, I still can’t get over how wonderful you look Grandma! <smile>[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Blue”]Hi nstssj - Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve happened upon a few times but have never heard of Knitting Daily. My fingers will be busy “agoogling” very soon. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Blue”]Jan, you are such a wealth of information and so willing to share. So far IK seems to have a lot of weight around here but I’ll certainly check out all suggestions. Thanks a bunch!

P.S. - Pssst…Hey Jan…You can be on my “squad” any old day! <smile> [/COLOR]

I get Creative Knitting. I like it better than Interweave Knits. A magazine is a matter of personal choice. Interweave’s patterns are too young for me and Creative is better for me. Creative also has sizes for the larger woman and interweave seems to stop at a point and doesn’t get up into the X’s. I really like Cast On, which is the guild magazine.

I’m on my 3rd issue of Creative Knitting and I LOVE it. There are lots of things that catch my eye and I’ve marked for future consideration (I’ve got lots of projects already planned and just added some after I got my latest issue).

I’m anxiously awaiting my Interweave Knits, but I think it won’t be until the summer issue.

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Blue”]mathwizard & wenda thank you. I subscribed to IK yesterday and will now find a subscription to Creative Knitting.

Thank you ALL for your comments and suggestions. I’m so excited!:woot: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I tend to like KnitSimple the best. The articles are usually of interest and the patterns cute and not too tough to tackle. It’s such a personal thing – really depends on what kind of knitter you are and what appeals to your sense of style!

Knovice, I agree - it is contingent on ones individual style and skill level. I’ve received some very good suggestions (Thanks everyone!) and after reviewing these mags I’ll be better equipped to determine which one/s work best for me.

Many thanks to all who took the time to respond.

I don’t subscribe to any of the knitting magazines, but go to the library once a month and take a look at every magazine that relates to the things I’m interested in. If anything catches my eye, then I’ll buy the mag. Usually, I can find a pattern online, for free, that comes close enough.

My downfall are books about knitting. Right now, I seem to be aquiring Elizabeth Zimmerman books, and really, I don’t know how, the postman just brings them to my door!

I bought an issue of Creative Knitting and Interweave Knits, and I liked Creative Knitting better and bought a second issue. I still like CK, so I think I’m going to subscribe to it. I may still pickup IK once in a while, but personally I prefer Creative Knitting.

I subscribe to IK. Be sure to check the website frequently for pattern corrections. In fact, before you jump into a pattern, you might want to give the errors time to be corrected. I still love the magazine, errors and all.