Suggestions please

Okay I received my Options set from KnitPicks yesterday. I already love them. :heart::heart::heart:
I am going to be starting my first pair of socks and I want to know if anyone could recommend a basic sock for a first pair. I am going to use size 3 circulars using the magic loop method. The yarn I will use is a KnitPicks yarn called Dancing in the the Rhumba color.
If anyone could make some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!


For your first sock, using ML, try [COLOR=Red][B]Silver’s Sock Tutorial[/B][/COLOR]. :thumbsup:

I would definitely agree with that! I think it’s best to start with just the very basic simple sock, because you already have so much to learn with the basic sock construction with heels and gussets and toe shaping. Enjoy the process, have fun :smiley:

you simply can’t go wrong with silver’s tutorial.