Suggestions, please?

Okay, here’s the deal.
I just finished working at a relatively small coffee shop. I really liked a lot of our regulars, but at this point in my life a dollar raise in pay takes precedence over liking the customers. Sad but necessary.
Anyway, there’s one particularly sweet lady who works in the same plaza and comes over on her breaks for a tea. Today I found out that she’s moving to Alberta in a bit more than a month. I’d really like to knit her a little something cute, but I don’t have any ideas!
If I had to guess, she’s probably somewhere around my mom’s age - late thirties, early forties. If it helps.

what about one of those cute little sock keychains that people are working on in the KAL

Maybe some Fiber Trends clogs in neutral colors? :shrug:

How about one of those sleeves to hold her coffee! She’d always remember you when she bought her coffee! samm

Knitty’s slingshot is pretty nice, and you can include a note saying it’s to keep her tea warm in the winter.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of a coffee/tea sleeve! :doh:
I’ve been pondering maybe a little sachet with a face cloth and some goat’s milk soap too, since I have this tendency to over-gift. But I’ll definitely make the sleeve first, and the others if I have time.
Thanks so much! :muah:
(PS Brendajos: The mini sock keychain is adorable! I might make it for someone who doesn’t already have about a dozen things hanging off her keys, though. :wink: )