Suggestions PLEASE re: Yarn for Sale


I’ve been on KH for a little over a month so I’d truly appreciate your help please.

I have an abundance <-----(vastly HUGE understatement) of yarn that I’ve purchased over the last two years.

The [B]37 file boxes [/B] filled with yarn have established permanent residence against my dining room wall. :fingerwag:

Having need of my dining room area at times <smile> I decided to sell some of it here on the BUY/SELL/SWAP forum.

Other than selling two items, (thank you sweet Bonnie):muah: I’ve received no replies or PM’s to the posts.

Any suggestions on a better way to sell or present the yarn I have for sale? I didn’t write copy (descriptions) on the first post because I thought the photos spoke for themselves. Perhaps, I was wrong. Secondly, I’ve been told that my prices were extremely reasonable (which I believe they are) but I’m still dumbfounded by the lack of response.:shrug:

What I’ve listed ONLY amounts to about 6 file boxes of my yarn stash so before I tackle more photos and posts I thought I’d ask for your suggestions [B]please[/B].

Thanks so much for your help - it is greatly appreciated.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“4”] [COLOR=“Navy”]Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you all for your replies to my post.

I agree that this is probably not the best place for me to destash so I’m taking my ball…err…37 boxes of yarn and going home! <laughing>

I really appreciate the time and thought that went into your responses.

You’ve been grand.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

You’d do better on ebay. For me, it’s too difficult to figure out how to buy anything here.

I love buying yarn, but I can buy acrylic where I live, and I do not buy novelty yarn. Now if you had put sock yarn, lace weight and/or fingering weight in yarn that is not acrylic, I would have been tempted.

Have you tried the swap forum on Ravelry? Or just listing your stuff there in your stash? I read on one forum that Wiggles has been discontinued and some people needed more, though not necessarily your color, which I see now you’ve sold. But it may be something to check into; a lot of people use acrylic…

I looked at your yarn pictures & have a few suggestions for you.

Hi Deb,
I saw your post the first time and was excited till I opened it and found that it was all acrylic yarn and novelty yarn. I think a lot of people here use wool, blends, sock, … I only use acrylic if what I am making HAS to be machine washable. But I don’t need any right now, sorry!
BUT that being said, go to E-Bay! I think you will have alot of luck there. There is a ton more exposure and it is easy to sell stuff. If you haven’t done it before, there are tutorials that will get you started and the people are friendly (like here!!) and will answer your questions if you have any.
Good Luck and let us know how you do!

I buy alot of yarn on ebay(even acrylics) so that would be my suggestion. There’s a wider range of area and people who would see your post. Good Luck.

Lots of us"friendly" guys that “chime” in here use acrylic for charity purposes…(Very duarble and washable)…Shipping costs can be a factor when puchasing online…Most of the time the “shipping cost” overrides the yarn itself, so sometimes the “seller” will work with the “buyer” (I know Ebay & Etsy does)…

[COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Julianne!

I appreciate your reply and would be most interested in hearing your suggestions.

Many thanks.


[COLOR=navy]Hello Jen![/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]I believe your assessment is dead-on. I’ve received several PM’s from people expressing their interest in wool or wool blends so I think it’s time to go through my extensive stash and grab the wool and natural fiber yarns.

My main goal is to make room in my dining area so I think eBay is probably a great idea.

Thanks Jen for the suggestion and for your thoughtful reply.


P.S. - You and your baby are both adorable! Deb

[COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Kellee - A few others have suggested eBay too and I think this is the way to go. You’re right! The eBay audience is definitely more vast and would allow a larger exposure to prospective yarn buyers. I thank you as well for an excellent suggestion.


[COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Michele - You’re correct about the merit of acrylic especially for charities. I’m sure with its easy-care and durable nature, acrylic yarn is appreciated by both charity and recipient. Regarding shipping charges…I believe a good rule of thumb is to add the cost of the yarn + shipping, divide that by the number of skeins being purchased, and then evaluate the actual cost per skein. This way it’s easier to determine if the yarn is worth it to you.

Thanks for your comments.

Deborah [/COLOR]

(1) Your expensive yarns are reasonably priced @ 50% off-I would leave those prices alone but you might consider selling them by the ball or hank with an incentive if ALL are purchased at once. (2) Another incentive would be to offer free shipping for large purchases($75 or $100). (3) The acrylic is going to be more difficult to move. You might want to cut the prices in half again or offer some free skeins with minimum purchase. (4) There is a site on eBay that offers to buy large lots so you would get $ right away & not have to mess with all the little things-getting paid or shipping details. I think the name is NeverEnoughYarn. I will get more info for you if you want to go that way. Hope this helps. Julianne

Yep, Julianne that’s what I was trying to explain…“throwing in” more acylic just to get rid of it…not necessarily “to get more for your money”, to “unload” the stuff and make the shipping costs a little better to swallow…PS…Just purchased alot of stuff on Ebay, might want to go “set up” some accounts there

[COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Julianne - Quite excellent suggestions. I think I’ll try and contact that site on eBay and if I’m unable to find it, I’ll give you a holler. Thank you so much. Deborah[/COLOR]

Hi Deb, I have to smile at your P.S! “You and your baby are both adorable!” That is me, but the baby is my granddaughter! You made my day!!! Especially since my 50th b’day is right around the corner!

[COLOR=“Navy”][FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”][B]Wow Jen! I can’t believe that is your [U]granddaughter[/U]. You look fabulous. I wish you an early Happy Birthday and would love to know what brand of facial creams you use![/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]