Suggestions please for a more unusual baby knit?


My SIL is expecting her 3rd baby in March and I want to knit her something. I have just finished a blanket for her sister (now a week overdue ahhhh), but this family already have all the blankets, baby clothes, toys, sleeping bags etc they could need.

What more unusual baby gifts have you made?


What about a knitted dolly? or stuffed animal? baby blocks? Something soft and squishy for the lil’ one to cuddle. I’m sure whatever you make will be loved because of the love you put into it.

wash clothes. A household with a baby NEVER, ever, has enough wash clothes.

There is a pattern link on Ravelry for a knit bunny snuggy that I really like to make people along with a hat and washcloths.

Is this the bunny? I already had it bookmarked, looks good

Unusual may be hard to think of, but I know I never had enough of these things.

Burp cloths (any design that can be thrown over the shoulder will work)

Bibs -

Mason Dixon Knitting has a nice burp cloth and bib pattern. I got mine from the library.

That is the bunny ! I don’t even put faces on them…mine looked sort of evil with the face. I used Berroco Comfort baby yarn for several and Caron Simply Soft for others. They are quick and easy and good for baby b/c there are no eyes to chew off and can be thrown in the wash.

Ha ha ha Vaknitter - I can understand how the face could go evil! I am kntting a practise one at the moment with left-over yarn and REALLY appreciate the yarn suggestion as I was wondering about washability.

Jan - the burp cloths are a brilliant idea and so much nicer than all those muslin squares I had lying around.

Thanks a million ladies, I am off to do some on-line yarn shopping (with a 10% discount, yippee)


I love the “Lovable Toys” (bunny, elephant, teddy bear) in the “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” book.

Try this pattern for cute!
I actually made two pairs of these dolls and they were adorable. They worked up quickly and easily [and I’m not the most experienced knitter], and the kids loved them.

If you are in the mood to invest in a book of baby-toddler book…the Bouton d’Or knitting books have great designs. And a nice thing about it, most of the designs have directions for many multiple sizes! LOTS of sizes!

I knit this little Choux set, from a Bouton d’Or book.

The little Choux hat is the best thing! “Choux” means “cabbage” in French!
Doesn’t it look like a little cabbage, growing in the cabbage patch?

So, I guess my point is this: sometimes it’s the [B]unusual design[/B] of the same old thing (a hat, jacket and jumper) that makes it UNIQUE! The Bouton d’Or books are really unique in that way! And with an equal number of boy or girl knits!

Anytime theres a baby needing some hand knits…

they always get…
These are the only baby booties i knit. They really dont kick off.


This is just too cute to pass up…even moreso when youve got it knit.


I usually make a matching hat if i have enough yarn left.

Thanks a million everyone I have been having great fun looking at these links.Artlady, that set is really beautiful! I love the autumnal colours and the hat is very cute! I also take your point about the design or colours making all the difference.


Meant to say - Lisaplus2 we must be on the same wave length. Of the gazillions of baby patterns out there, the 2 I have already printed out were the bunny (nearly finished) and the Knitting by the Lake jacket!-

Oh that little baby coat on ‘Knitting by the Lake’ website is just toooooo adorable for words!!!

This was a good thread, Irish!