Suggestions on Making Socks, Please

I am working on a horseshoe lace sweater at the moment, my first lace patterned sweater. With that being said, it is time to come out of the scaredy cat closet and learn to knit socks. As soon as I get the sweater done, I am delving into the deep unknown of sock knitting, which everyone says is addictive once you get the hang of it.

For all you sock geniuses, being a newbie to socks should I used dpns or 2 circs? Is the silver sock tutorial the best one to learn how or is something even better? I have a pattern from knitpicks using the circ method doing both socks at once and they say even beginners can make these socks, but I see the silver sock tutorial suggests using 4 dpns.

Also, should I used one straight color of yarn or doesn’t it matter when you are learning, ie is one color easier to see your mistakes or whatnot and should be used until you are used to doing socks? Does it matter which you make kids or adult size as a first time sock maker?

Anything else you think I should know, post it and I thank everyone for the help in any way!

If you want to knit your sock on 2 circs (my favorite method, btw), you can follow the knitpicks pattern and just use my 4dpn tutorial for pictorial reference. The steps and stitches will likely be at least somewhat similar.

Or you could try the toe up on 2 circs tutorial, or even the two toe up socks on 1 circular if you’re feeling especially spicy! :slight_smile:

The easiest yarn for seeing the stitches would be something light in color and smooth in texture. Although you can certainly try a self striping yarn for the fun of it. Color doesn’t matter [I]too[/I] much, but something too dark will be a bit more difficult to see.

I learned using dpns and Silver’s tutorial. The hardest part about that was handling the dpns. But, after a couple of inches, I was all set.

Good luck! Sock knitting is SO MUCH FUN!!!

You’ve gotten some great advice above. I am a fan of DPN’s. They are a bit awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

And YES - knitting socks is terribly addicting! I’ve never been much of a sock knitter, but I have pair #2 OTN - the second this week!!

Good luck!

I used [B]Silvers Tutorial [/B]and 4 dpns and the only thing I have had a problem with is a bit of laddering. Once you get used to having needles dangling and how to hold the dpn`s you are off to the races.

Silvers instructions are very clear and cover every possible question you could have on sock knitting. [B]Shandehs YouTube [/B]on joining to knit in the round is also very helpful. Between these two things, I knit a real sock, that looked like a real sock, on my first real attempt.

[B]DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED![/B] Just follow the instructions step by step. It looks like a lot to learn, but it`s not. Once you have knit one or two socks it will get much easier with each sock you knit.

While you are waiting for sock knitting time, keep an eye on any post that has sock knitting questions. I did this and by the time I was ready to knit socks, I had seen the questions and all the answers. If something came up while I was knitting that first pair of socks, I already knew most of the things I needed to know in order to knit the perfect pair of socks (well, they were almost perfect anyways).

Yes, it is addictive. I knit the first pair for DH for Valentine`s Day. I started a second pair but was very unhappy with the colour and the laddering so I frogged after I had finished one sock. I am now knitting the third pair, [B]FINALLY FOR ME![/B] I have the first sock finished (it took three days) and I am on the foot of the second sock, which means I am three quarters of the way to having the second sock finished as well.

You`ll love it!

You`ve been knitting long enough to know whether you prefer bamboo, metal, wood or plastic needles. You will not have a problems!

We`ll be watching for you to join [B]Any Sock KAL [/B]as soon as you are ready!!!

I’m self-taught (sort of) on dpns. Though technically I didn’t use Silvers tutorial, I went over and over it, printed it out and then followed a pattern (simple) I found on the 'net, following the directions step by step. Since I’m currently working on my 13th (oh no!) pair, I think I got the hang of it. For this pair I’m using 2 circs and my next pair I’m going to try two socks at once on 1 lo-o-o-ng circ. After 12-1/1 pairs, I still am fascinated/thrilled when I turn that heel.

Sock are indeed addictive. And if you have perpetually cold feet as I do, they are also comfy!! I make’em for me! And I love’em!!

Go for Silver’s Tutorial! I did magic loop for my 1st and LOVED it! Just do one sock at a time instead of two!
I also found The Turkish CO on easier than the figure 8 CO. There’s an additional help for the second part of the heel on thistutorial that will keep you from getting those little holes on the corners.

I’m working my 11 th pair now and agree that socks are horribly addictive. I prefer ML, but am going to try switching to 2 circs when I get to the heel because i want to use a smaller needle for the sole. Theoretically, it should wear better. We’ll see.
I’ve done aq couple pair toe-up, but prefer cuff down. If you go for the toe-up, I 've also found that the Turkish Cast-On is easier than the Figure 8.
Silver’s Sock Class is FANTASTIC!! Good luck and welcome to SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous)

I LOVE dpns and am way interested in learning the whole two socks on dpns thing… teehee!

Nonny2t, you are in good company. I have my very first order of sock yarn on the way. I will attempt to make socks with Silver’s Sock Tutorial and 4 DPNs. I am so nervous, yet excited!!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I feel like a dope! I didn’t know “our” Silver was “THE” silver of the tutorial. Thank you so much for all the great advice.

When I started making socks Silver hadn’t made her tutorial yet. So I ordered the Pure and Simple sock patterns. There I was sitting on my porch and with the sock yarn and dpn’s I started making my socks. It was not pretty at first. Once I got the feeling of the needles and yarn I made my first pair. Of course it did take me a while :roflhard: I think it took me a week to get it. I haven’t look back. That was two years ago and so many socks I don’t know how many I have made.
So good luck in your sock making you will love making them.
By the way I was knitting my socks while my dh was having his poor kidney done with ulta sound. Any short story the doctor came in to see how he was doing. He came to me first, I was making socks and he says that he tried to knit. Didn’t do so good I told he to keep trying. He laughed and said maybe he would. :teehee: So happy knitting nonny2t. :waving:

I hadn’t seen Silver’s tutorial when I made my first socks. I just followed this easy pattern on dpns and it worked out great. Don’t be scared.

I learned using Silver’s Tutorial, 4 DPN’s, and worsted weight yarn, and I wear them as slippers. I would [U]highly[/U] recommend Silver’s Tutorial, because she explains everything so it’s easy for a beginner to socks to understand how to do it. I know for me, turning the heel looked rather intimidating, but her explanation on how to do it was so clear.

It’s hard to say which needles to start with, but personally, I would start with DPN’s, because that’s the “traditional” way to knit socks, and when I’m learning something new, I try to learn the “traditional” way first as part of the mechanics of constructing a sock. DPN’s can be tricky at first, until you get going. With practice on DPN’s, and time, you can learn how to knit on them without getting the dreaded ladders. After I learned how to make a sock and felt comfortable on the DPN’s, then I tried 2 circs. I just cast on for a second sock using Magic Loop, and I think I like that method the best for socks. I agree with everyone else. Socks are addicting! Part of the addiction for me is that there are so many different ways to make socks and I want to try them all! I’ve done them cuff down, toe up, DPN’s, 2 Circs, and ML. My next pair will be 2 at once. :slight_smile:

I learned with Silver’s tutorial, too. I’ve done both her DPN tutorial and the toe-up on two circ’s tutorial. It was a great way to learn, and now I’m addicted to socks. (And I have at least 12 pairs worth of yarn in my stash to prove it!)

Silver’s Sock Class all the way for me!!! I used kinda fat yarn because it was easier to see mistakes, 4 double points and followed step by step. It really works! The socks turned out very pretty and I use them for slippers because of the fat yarn.
Next time I’m gonna try 2 at once on circs.
Good luck!