Suggestions on Blocking

Hi Everyone,
I’m coming to the finish line on my Pegasi sweater by Berroco. Just have to finish the second sleeve. I know it looks a bit messy with all my end yarns. I tried to “hide” them! Lol… I usually leave a long tail at the end of cast on for seaming.
My question to you is what method of blocking would you do prior to seaming? The yarn is Berroco’s Elements which contains nylon. The sweater is all stockinette so it’s suppose to roll a bit at each end point (sleeves,front & back bottom). I was going to try steam but am unsure if that is the best method for this particular sweater.
Thanks in advance!

Sounds like very nice yarn.
You could hand wash, roll in a towel to get out some water and then pin out to size until completely dry or you could pin out and spray with water, leaving until dry.

I’ll try the soak method & pin it. I like the idea of giving the project a wash prior to wearing it. I have a very mild knit wash solution that I can use.