Suggestions needed

The id marks on my bamboo needles are fading. Any ideas on how to fix or re-identify?

Maybe get a fine-tip permanent Sharpie and rewrite them with that?

I would also get a needle gauge so you can measure the needles if you need to.

I have a couple of this particular kind and they aren’t expensive:

(I have a metal Susan Bates one as well but they bend really easily and I don’t like it as much than the sturdy plastic one.)

Yup, what Marria said. A needle gauge is a must have and they aren’t expensive either. I also wrote the size on the needle with a fine tip sharpie.

I heard a tip once…Use a fine tip then mear plain elmers glue thinly over it with your finger. When the glue dries (clear) you will have a protective film that should no interfere with knitting.

That’s a great idea! I bet you could use clear nail polish too.