Suggestions for yarn

I am going to make a cowl with ribbed edges and sand stitch in between the ribs about 60" long. I am wondering if you can suggest a worsted weight yarn that has some drape and will be soft against the skin but affordable. Thanks.

Choose one that feels nice to you. Drape is largely determined by what gauge you knit at, a looser one is going to be drapier than a tight gauge, stitch pattern affects it too. If you knit it on 8 or 9s with the sand stitch, it could be a little too stiff for what you want. So for a worsted you could knit it on 10½ or 11s for a nice soft drapey neckwarmer.

Never use red heart super saver for something soft… it is not soft in the slightest, if you use it put something soft on the side that will touch your skin

Using a larger needle size will give you more drape. It will also make the cowl larger of course. What yarn does the pattern suggest?

A nice soft worsted that I like is Caron Simply Soft. I haven’t used it in years, but as I recall it had great colors, too!

I agree with not using RHSS. It may get slightly softer when washed, but it’ll never be really soft. Also it hurts my hands to knit with it. :zombie: RH has another yarn called SOFT and that one is really soft.

You’re right on that one, it’s sooooo soft and great colors! their heathers are my favorites

RH super saver softens up a lot when washed and dried. They put a finish on it that makes it feel rough, but it washes out. But they do make other softer yarns, one called With Love, and another called Soft.

really? wow, you learn something new everyday!