Suggestions for yarn for infant garment for summer?

I have a new stepgrandbaby girl, and wish to knit her a sweater and cap or bonnet. I don’t have a lys, but I will get a chance to go into a nice yarn shop on Monday, and would like to purchase something then.

I was thinking about something along the lines of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, but perhaps I should choose something with cotton in it, since the climate will be warm where baby lives. I’m not yet familiar with alot of yarns. Though I don’t wish to break the bank, I do want something especially nice, and I want it to be washable. Any suggestions? :thinking:

o o o I was gonna ask this too!!! i want to knit thisfor a baby born this summer and i was wondering what a cool yarn would be…i don’t have the pattern yet. good question Renna!

I just made a teeny sweater with Jo Sharpe Summer Soho. I would definitely do it again! It’s dk weight, and many places have it on sale on line.

Thanks, Ingrid. I will feel it up when I get to the yarn shop on Monday. :smiley:

I almost didn’t recognize you with your official avatar. :rofling:

An acrylic in a light weight with a lacyish stitch is also suitable for babies in warmer climates.

I made my little grandgirlie a cotton blend Haiku sweater from Knitty last summer. She wore it with nothing under it, she wore it over a tshirt and she wore it most of the fall too, with her jeans and stuff. It was something I found in my stash, so don’t remember the exact name, but it was mostly cotton with some acrylic which helped it keep its shape and made it nice to work with. I’m doing a little crochet summer top for her this year with Paton’s Paradiso, which is a little bit wavy, for lack of a technical term. It’s soft and will be cool for summer. Good luck with the project and congrats on the new baby! samm

Thank you all for the responses. :smiley:

Consider Knitpicks Shine, either DK or worsted weight. It’s lovely and soft, and I’m enjoying working with it. I didn’t think to factor in shaping, though, so a little acrylic might not be such a bad thing.

I love Shine’s colors, though … and it’s soft, soft, soft.


I have never used “shine” from KnitPicks but the cotton/modal blend sounds like it would hold it’s shape nicely and not be too sweaty. Or how about an organic cotton?


I just made my baby a little hat made from Lion Brand yarn’s “Microspun”; I don’t have a yarn shop nearby, and was looking for something “breathed” nicely (she gets very sweaty easily). The yarn has a nice subtle sheen to it and it knitted up very softly (I have bad luck with most acrylic yarns as they seem to be pretty scratchy) and I was pleased with the results. If it helps, here’s the information on the yarn so you can compare to the yarn in the pattern you are interested in:

double-knit/light worsted yarn
2.5 oz./70g/168 yd./154m skeins
100% microfiber acrylic
24 stockinette stitches by 32 rows = 4" on size 4 (3.25mm) needles
In my area, it was $4.00 per skein