Suggestions for this scarf pattern

My mom has asked for a “dressy” scarf, so I’ve been searching around for a pattern.

I have found this pattern, but it’s in bulky yarn, and she wants something more “dainty.”

So, I was planning to adapt it to a smaller yarn, but I don’t know enough about drape to decide what kind of yarn.

Would a mercerized cotton work, or would it not hold shape? Does anybody have a recommendation for a thinner yarn in a silvery colorway? Or a similar pattern already in a thinner yarn (I’m thinking sport or dk). Would a wool blend be too stiff?

Or will it not work in a thinner yarn? Do you think it would be better in a bulky?


Bamboo and silk tend to be very drapey so they would be a good choice. I think most yarns knit with large needles to give you a lacy effect would drape fairly well.

It would be fine in a DK or worsted weight on the same size needles even. That would make it very lacey. I agree with Jan, a bamboo or silk or blend would be very nice.