Suggestions for simple baby blanket?

I’m fairly new to knitting (I’ve done scarfs, Booga, dishclothes, so far) and I’d like to make my friend a baby blanket. She finds out today if it’s boy/girl, so I’ll be ready to get started!

What is your favorite, simple, baby blanket pattern?


I’ve looked for these recently for a friend who also wants to graduate from dishclothes to baby blankets. Lion Brand Yarn has a few free ones on their site that are really easy.

Here’s another basic triple rib blanket which is easy:

This rib check baby blanket is also easy.

Love this one: Pinwheel Baby Blanket

I’m currently making this one from Knitty Gritty for a friend:,2025,DIY_14141_4116091,00.html
Its really cute, really easy, and looks pretty impressive :slight_smile:

The pinwheel blanket is cute too, I’m going to start that one for another friend after the heart one is finished. And because this is the crazy Year of Babies for our family and friends, I’m going to make a feather and fan blanket for DH’s cousin’s baby, who is due in November. I think I’m using this page as a guide:

i made one up. i picked a cable i liked, then when i cast on, i cast on 50, placed marker (PM), 13, PM, 50. first and all odd # are RS.the middle 13 are worked in the cable pattern. the other 50 as follows:
all RS: P2, K2 ending with P2 to marker. work cable pattern, P2, K2 ending with P2
all WS: P to marker, work cable pattern, P to end.very simple.

I’ve made two of these this year. The pattern is quite simple, just garter stitch with a few yo’s and k2tog and the finished product is beautiful. (My cousin’s 6 month-old daughter loves her blanket. It’s the only one she’ll sleep with.) Both times I’ve used a baby yarn (like Bernat’s Softee Baby) instead of the Lion Brand yarn and it’s come out perfectly.