Suggestions for man's scarf using variegated yarn


This is my first post. What a great forum and Website.

I’m a beginner/intermediate knitter seeking a pattern for a scarf suitable for a man to wear. My husband fell in love with a variegated yarn of rusts and browns ( Teseo(?) It’s Italian 55% wool, 45% microfiber). The package suggests USA size 10 needles. I’m finally discovering that some patterns just get lost when using yarn that has color changes in it. Any suggestions out there? I’m ready to try simple cables, and to give you some idea of my skill level, I completed a mohair scarf using a feather and fan pattern. (Not perfect, but I did it!)

Thanks in advance!

Trudie :thinking:

Ooooh, it would be perfect for My So Called Scarf!!!

Hi Kay,

Thanks so much for the suggestion. The scarf looks wonderful. And best of all, I live in the SF Bay area. So you’ve provided me with a field trip destination: Imagiknit.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend.