Suggestions for Brunswick Impression hand-dyed mohair

Hi hi.

Um, I just pulled out my Big Bag Stash and am looking for the next project. I found two skeins I’ve had a long time. It’s discontinued Brunswick yarn, by Impressions. It’s mohair and like, a soft heathery
raspberry/grape/gray mixture. I’m SICK of scarves. But since I only have 2 skeins… that’s not enough for a sweater is it?

It says on the label this mohair is beautiful when knitted together with Impressions Wool to a gauge of… oh never mind that, I’m not much of a gauge person yet. Size #13 needles. Or alone on #9 needles.

Any suggestion for something beautiful? I will post a picture of it when my camera batteries are recharged. Tanks! V.

ha, just noticed the name of the colour of my yarn.

          costa.....   rica.....OMBRE!       hey!

What’s the yardage Victoise? Unless it’s a huge amount I doubt two skeins would be enough for a sweater. Perhaps a vest or shawl?

Hey Peg. Let’s see… it’s 250 yards. I haven’t made a sweater for years but I realised yesterday this would be way too itchy as a sweater even if I did make a real small simple one. But, I guess there’s not enough there anyway.

A shawl might look nice but I seem to have too many big scarfs that do doubleduty as shawls. I dunno, I’m still stumped.

leg warmers? a bag? a sculpture?


A woman can never have too many purses!!!

Use another similar type yarn and make a multicoloured sweater.

Didn’t you say that you did Pilates Vic? How about a bag to carry your mat? Make it long and cylindrical with an i-cord for a shoulder strap.