Suggestions for a pattern, please

I have some beautiful hand painted chenille - dk or light worsted weight. It’s enough to make a generous-size stole or shawl, but I’m having a hard time finding a pattern that works with it. Suggestions would be welcome!

Can we see a pic. :pray:

I’ll take one tomorrow, I hope! Hard to do anything during the week. Sorry. :wall:

:psst: please try :guyknitting: her, :shrug: :psst: may be its help you
i thanks :muah: to knittinghelp forum, :cheering: because they also help me :woot: when i was in trubbel. xxx :guyknitting:
:guyknitting: :woot:

Ok. I’m impatient and can’t wait to post a picture of my actual yarn. It’s very much like this: