Suggestions for a pattern I "designed"

Okay, the word “designed” denotes that I’m more skilled at this than I actually am. So let’s use…concocted :smiley: (Haha, I’ll be cracking up at that one for about an hour.) Anyway, my point…I concocted this design for a baby hat (white hat with pink bow on the front and a squiggly line that goes all the way around). But when I knitted it, Irealized that the stranding won’t work out right in the round. I’ve been tossing and turning about this b/c I think it’d be a really cute hat…seriously, I’ve been tossing and turning. Anyway, while playing around on here (as I normally do when I’m completely unmotivated to actually WORK while I’m at work), it hit me…why not knit the hat as a reversible one???

So…do y’all think that would work? Knitting a reversible pattern in the round? Hmm…this could be the cutest thing I’ll ever have knitted. If it works of course :thinking:

Sounds interesting, but is beyond my ‘envisioning’ capabilities! :thinking:

Hmm, maybe I’ll have to create a picture. Hey, I can do a chart and paste it…somehow :wink:

Do you mean double knit? If so, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! :thumbsup:

Yeah, that’s what I meant…I knew that :rollseyes: Okay, I’ll try that. Ooh, I can’t wait to post a picture of it!!! Wait…I need more yarn :shock: LYS trip :happydance: (Or Hobby Lobby…I :heart: my LYS but HATE their hours!)

Hey, now that I think about it, I need to ask something else…if I’m going to double knit in the round, should I knit from top to brim or brim to top? I was planning on knitting brim to top, but do you think that’d be really hard? Maybe not if it’s basically the same technique just…double.

KellyK is the one to ask…she’s our resident double-knit hat expert. :smiley:

There is a whole discussion and link to a pattern starting HERE in my blog. Im now working on my third version of this hat…with a white sox design!

Read through…I did a few things differently with the pattern that I think made it easier & quicker. If you have any questions while gittin’ 'er done, Ill try to help!!

Oh thanks! I’ll look at your blog now:) I watched Amy’s video last night, and while it was really helpful, I was really hoping to see the actual cast on. But I tried it how I think it should work, and it seems to look okay. Thanks for the help. And I’ll probably have questions on it in the next few days.

KK, I glanced at your blog…here, what do I see? :shock: ! …this really cool dk hat on the needles…and below it, a very cute dog…but KK…the hat is way too big :doh: …can’t u measure?! What’s up with that?! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I cast on half the number of sts holding both yarns together as one, then futzed & sorted them out into alternating colors as I knit the first row.

OR, you could cast on the required number of sts with one of the colors, then add the second color every other st in the first row.

Man, I wish I had asked about that sooner…I took the time to cast on main color, cast on contrasting, cast on main color, cast on contrasting, etc. Man, I was freakin out that it took so long. Maybe that was because I was doing it ALL wrong :doh:

It’s not wrong if it WORKS, darlin!

Wow, I guess that’s true! Okay, well I don’t feel so bad:) I’ll post a pic as soon as I’m done. Thanks again!