Suggestions for a new knitter

I am brand spanking new to knitting and learning everything for the first time. I was wondering what would be a good pattern to start off with for a first timer learning on her own?

I feel that baby blankets are usually the best to learn on. A) Because the yarn is soft and very forgiving in mistakes; B) the patterns are usually extremely simple; c) they don’t take long to knit and see results, and; D) even if you don’t have babies in your family, you either know someone who can use the blanket or donate it to a charity.

Others start out on pot holders or afghan squares. These are all very easy projects on which to practice your knit and purl stitches and learn to identify both and then how to judge your gauge, learn you needles and get a feel for the yarn.

The best thing for practice is buying up small balls of left over yarn at charity shops. You can also find some knitting supplies at those places as well.

Yarn is certainly not the problem if I am not looking for something very specific or fancy. I have about a 30 gallon trash bag full of skeins of yarn that I inherited. Most of it though is your basic poly/cotton yarn nothing fancy. I have just had a couple of friends that have had babies so the baby blanket idea sounds good, thank you!

scrapghans are good… you can even do each color a different stitch (much like the blanket charity groups do on here)… for me, my first was a basic sweater (to which i have sworn to never make again unless i have a knitting machine…) baby hats are good too…

Dear New Knitter,

My biggest suggestion, to you and ALL new knitters! is to…

[B]Allow yourself to make mistakes!

Mistakes are okay. :hug: Start with something that doesn’t really matter - I like potholders and dishcloths, personally - and just knit.

Won’t be long till you find the peace and joy of creating in all you make. cloud9

Throw your needles on the ground, stomp on them until they are a mere semblence of their former glory and then burn all your yarn. Years ago, I remember a time, I had ample free time. I could run in the woods, play in the sunshine, pick flowers in the meadow.

Alas, now I sit in a cave, chained to circular needles, tirelessly working my fingers to the bone, tearing my hair out over slipped stitches and uncableing cables. For what, so that unappreciative family members can look at my immacculate gifts and say, “Well, this looks handmade. You didn’t buy this at the store?” Well, bite me, I say.

Once I had beautiful tan skin, now only to be replaced by pristine alabaster whiteness. No sun for this cave dweller. So alas I say to you, go back. Stop now, before the addiction takes hold. Before you start ignoring your friends because you have, “Things to do.” Eventually you’ll start having to go to support groups for your addiction. Or as you’ll call them in code, “knitting circles.” Or “knit-s-longs.” All of which includes needles. Much like other addictions. I’m just saying. Needles, needles.

So think twice before you pick up those cruel evil inventions again. They seem so innocent. It’s just yarn, you’ll say. They’re just needles, you’ll say. See me in 6 months when you’re calloused and wasted away to practically nothing because you, “forgot” to eat. They’re dabolical in their innocence.

Or you could just work on some potholders and wash clothes. They’re good beginner items.

Trvvn, you’re ridiculous. :teehee: But correct. Be wary, wee little one!

Trvvn you’re BAD! You’re not supposed to let the newbies know about the “down side”. I’d write more, but I’m off to my “support group” :rofl:


Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:

When you want to progress to using purl as well as plain stitches try a 2 x 2 rib scarf - slip the first stitch over on each row without knitting it to keep your edges neat.

Don’t use stocking stitch your corners will curl up and garter stitch looks a bit crude.

If you want to make stripes, darn the yarn ends in neatly using a knitter’s needle. Thread it by wrapping the yarn over the needle pinching it between your thumb and finger and pushing it through the eye - don’t try and thread it like sewing thread. :cool:

Ditto!! :slight_smile: I, too, started with basic scarves and dishcloths.

I’m a new knitter as well. I’ve started out making a couple of dishcloths. The dishes don’t care that there are mistakes :wink: I have done a scarf and hat from a kit that were very simple. I’m now working on a ribbed scarf for my 10 year old son.

Enjoy! I’m loving knitting so far.

I agree with trvvn5, the cave dweller! :roflhard:

And also, with his suggestion about dishcloths! Everyone needs them and never has enough of them! The cotton can be purchased easily, and the dishcloth patterns can be downloaded free! Yay!

I love dishcloths! Very addicting! (did I say that??? :pout:)

Yeah, the sad thing about the potholders and dishclothes is that it appears that is what his mother did so that is why I have so much yarn and [B]LOTS[/B] of potholders and dishclothes already. LOL

I am trying a basic scarf for my husband as he does not own any scarves. (Figure that a guy from Cleveland not owning a scarf?) And being the sci-fi geek that I am I have found the pattern for both Tom Baker’s (Dr. Who) scarf and Jayne’s (Firefly) hat which the instructions that I have read all seem very basic. And yes I am already looking at purchasing more needles … it has begun…muwahahahahaha.:slight_smile:

I am a crocheter and i am slowly loving to knit, anyone know the best needles to use for knitting gloves!

Best for you, or best for someone else? We all knit differently, with different preferences as to needle type (dpn, 2 circs, long circ in ML) or fiber (wood, metal, plastic) that there really no universal ‘best’.

with practice i will find my favorite

Oh mods please save Trvvn’s beautiful prose and put it somewhere safe where we can find it when we need cheering up. Trvvn - are you blogging somewhere? I finally found someone I actually want to read.

I began with the linen stitch bag from the KnittingHelp free patterns as it is basically a rectangle and some I-cord. Enjoy your knitting.


I’d keep working on the practice pieces until there are no holes you didn’t intend and then go for whatever you are most interested in. I’ve never made a wash cloth or dish cloth, don’t want to (they are great for those who like and use them). I have used a hat as a first project for many beginners. I prefer them in the round, easier really I think than flat even for a beginner but we all vary.