Suggestions for a first lace pattern

I would like to learn how to knit a lace pattern. I don’t really care what just something that’s small, can be completed quickly so I can make something I really like. Can someone suggest a pattern with lace in it maybe a scarf.
So far all I’ve made is a scarf with cable a purse with 2 cables and socks top down. I’ve done decreases but no increases no yarn overs and I’m teaching myself so something simple but pretty.

You can make a scarf with Feather and Fan stitch pattern. It’s quite easy, there’s only one pattern stitch row, the others are knit or purl. Here’s the pattern - - you would need about 3 or 4 sts each side for a border, so the CO would be 24 or 26, and start with about 3 rows of knit (garter st).

Thank you Sue,

I’m pretty sure I can do this. Not sure what a yarn over is yet but thanks to the videos from Amy I can probly figure it out.

Is lace mostly made up of YO and dec’s. Is there anything else I should learn?

That’s about it… the YOs give you the holes, the decs keep the stitch number the same, so you need to check at the end of the pattern row that you have the same number you started with. Think of a YO as a knit st, only your right needle isn’t inserted into a stitch on your left needle. Like an `air’ stitch…

That makes sense…now I’ve got to pull the couch apart and find my missing knitting needle…grrrrr

Switch to circulars, you either lose both of them or neither… :teehee:

Here’s one of the first lace patterns that I ever did - I made it out of Paton’s Classic Wool. It’s an easy pattern to follow - it’s a garter stitch pattern (where you knit every row). I changed itto stockinette (where you purl rows 2 and 4), but it looks good either way.

I’m a little biased :teehee: but I think that this hat is a great first lace project – just enough to get your feet wet :thumbsup:

Branching out nice for a first lace project. Useful and pretty.

I love the scarf with the leaves. I just took a look at my lys webpage and they have the yarn used to this weekend I’m going to make a trip out there!!

I found it but I tore the house apart only to find I had sat the laptop on top of it.

Yeah, that happens… :pout:


How many stitches do you cast on for that poncho?[/COLOR][/B]

Poncho? I thought it was for a lacey scarf? But you could make a rectangle with it. Anyway, the F & F st pattern needs 18 sts, so a multiple of 18 plus whatever you want as edge stitches.

Here is one I really like
I’m making it for the neighbour for christmas.

Yep, that’s yet another variation of F&F with 11 sts in the pattern.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a pattern called the Airy Scarf. It is quick and a good lace starter project.


Ahhh…I really like this too. Now I have to try and make up my mind.