Suggestions for a first Ever Sock Pattern?

I’ve never tried socks, but I’m thinking of it since it’s a small project I can work on while I’m here in italy that will make the most of their lovely wool.

Any suggestions for something not too difficult? I wouldn’t mind a simple lace or cable pattern…

And, are socks usually knit on 4 double ended needles?

Is it possible to do them one at a time on circulars? I’ve seen patterns for 2 at a time but I’m thinking that might be too complicated for a first timer like me.

Any advice?

Try this website. It is where I learned to knit socks and is very well explained with full picture tutorials.

Good luck!

thanks, the illustrations are great. Gosh those DPNs look so complicated! arg!

Here’s a basic sock on two circular needles. My preferred method.

The technique itself can be learned under advanced techniques in the video section.

The yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern out of knitting rules… it only takes me about a week to whip up a pair of socks and that’s if i only knit on them while riding around and waiting for various things…

thanks knitters!

I’ll check out the links and videos. I’m starting the Hermione hat, so we’ll see how I go with the decreases on 4 DPNs first and see how I go. If I’m brave, I’ll start a sock! hurrah!