Suggestions for a badge hanger?

Ok, poor title… I couldn’t think of a better one. LOL

Anyway… I started a job with the City of Wichita this week, and since I work in City Hall (pauses for impressed “oooh’s” and “aaah’s”) I of course wear a badge.

The badge comes on this long yucky black cord.

Any ideas for something prettier? (and, of course, softer, which shouldn’t be hard)

I know I could just make an icord and hang my badge off of that. But I just hate icord so much!

Oh, it does need to be something reasonably fast since I have VERY little time to knit these days. :pout: Hopefully once my son and I are accustomed to our new schedule, that will get better though.

TIA for any suggestions!

i often times substitute I-cord for a thin band of stockinette since it will just roll in on itself anyway and then i just stitch it closed.

Not sure that there are toooo many designs you can do without them being too big :thinking:

You just gave me a great idea!! I have to wear a badge wear I work as well, but usually only put it on when I get up and walk around b/c it’s ugly and bulky. So I think I’ll knit myself one!! I just did a 2 stitch i-cord for a baby hat tie, and that was pretty quick and easy, and I don’t mind it much. You could always pick your prettiest yarn scraps and braid them if you wanted something quick, but gorgeous!?

You could always do twisted cord…much quicker than i-cord! :smiley: What a great way to use up a little bit of some gorgeous yarn.

(I don’t use the pencils, I just loop one end around a doorknob)

When I first saw your title, I misread it and thought, “Why would anyone want to hang a badger?” Then I thought it must be a hanger with a knitted badger on it. :roflhard: I believe the fancy word for that badge cord thingy is lanyard. I used to have to wear one for a job a long time ago and it took me a while to figure out what the personnel people were talking about when they used that word in orientation.

Great idea. So it actually doubles up on itself again? Like a hank?

You could do something like this, you know, put some flowers on an icord or something. Should you want to choose your flowers, there are several here.

That’s such a pretty scarf! It would make an amazing bag, too.

Be sure that your lanyard has a breakaway clasp. If it doesn’t have one, it could become caught in something and cause you serious injury (or worse).

I’ve been meaning to make a prettier one for myself, and that’s the main thing that’s been holding me up. I’ve pretty much decided on a magnetic one, just haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet.

How about embroidery floss/fine yarn macrame, a la “friendship bracelets”?

Or Kumihimo? You could make some very stylish lanyards with this technique, and if you secure each end in a hollowed cylindrical magnet (the type used for bracelets these days), you could have a safe, breakaway lanyard as well.

Yeah, that’s a good point about the breakaway clasp. We’re supposed to dispaly our ID badges at all times, but I never wear mine because the clasp broke. It’s actually against the law to have your ID on a lanyard that doesn’t have one, because you can die if it gets caught in something like a shredder, or even on the edge of something while you fall. How gruesome.

Last year I worked at B&N and the nametags were all on lanyards. We used to joke around that it was so the managers could grab your nametag, pull on it, and say “You’re fired.” And then we would do this to each other. The store manager there knits, I should mention the idea to her. She’d totally be up for knitting a cute lanyard.