Suggestions and help for seaming please?

:?? I’ve finished both sides of the totebag now and am ready to seam. Since it’s striped what color do I use to seam it? Normally I’d go with a matching color, but it seems like that would be a huge pain for this since some of the stripes are so narrow. It’s going to be felted so maybe it won’t show anyway? :thinking:

:thinking: You could try mattress stitch and see if it shows. If it shows more than you like, you could seam each color section with a separate length of yarn to match.

I’ll give that a try, but I was hoping to avoid having to do that since it would mean a million ends to weave in and it would be hard to pull one row of yarn tightly. LOL I’ll let you know how it works out.

You could easily get away with doing the mostly green section with green and the mostly lavendar section in lavendar.

Okay, it’s all seamed. I just changed colors for the most part, but it didn’t make much difference in the places where didn’t. Good to know. Now making a flat bottom is gonna be pain, but I’ll try that next. The pattern says to push down on the bottom and where it forms triangles on the corners to sew across them. Uh huh. It’s rather floppy at this point so it’s going to be hard.

Ooooh I like that! What yarn is it?

WOTA from Knit Picks! Although I don’t have much experience with yarns I find this one easy to work with. AND it apparently felts fast! I felted all the joined colors and it was very quick!