Suggestion please...small amount of Alpaca?

Hi all, this is a new site for me and I hope you can help…a friend gave me some Alpaca yarn and I am not quite sure what to do with it, I only have one skein (175 yards…100grams, it’s quite thick, thicker than worsted/double knitting…is there something small I can make with just this amount, OR is there another suggestion of a good yarn I can mix it with…

A hat, mittens, neck warmer/cowl, slippers?

You can search on Ravelry (free to join) for projects specific to your yarn type. Click on the Search button on the Home page (upper right corner). Then when the next page appears, go down the lists on the left and select the kind of yarn you have (type–Alpaca; weight–bulky; amount–150-300 yds). You’ll get lots of ideas for your particular yarn.

Here’s one search I did:

Once you figure out what you want to make, you can then broaden your search to look at all patterns for that specific item using your yarn weight. Good luck and happy hunting!