Suggestion for Sheldon?

I’m thinking it’s WAY presumptuous of me to make any suggestions, and truly I love you just the way you are, KH, but I tend to be a Sparklebrain, and full of ideas (most bad, a few decent) and thought I’d share this one. (Here comes the Idea Fairy!)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got a GC for Xmas, and I know in the past I’ve looked for the KH banners to click through when making a purchase, but haven’t been able to find a specific advertiser’s banner easily, (evidently because I am a little slow.)

So I was thinking it might be neat to have a page with all the advertisers’ banners consolidated?

Or not, you guys know best, and it would be yet another thing to update.

Or maybe you have it somewheres around here in a very obvious spot and I haven’t seen it… my bad!

Anyway, thanks for having such a super-awesome site with super-awesome members!!!


That’s been suggested by one of the mods and he’s thinking about it. Thanks.