Suggestion for KH

I LOVE KH!!! It is truly the best knitting website. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ravelry too - but KH is such a great community and easy to navigate. Everyone’s super friendly and helpful. And the videos… Let’s just say I COULD NOT live without them!

My only suggestion for KH is this: Offer online knitting classes!! I for one would definitely pay to take an online knitting class. My LYS went out of business and there is no place around to take classes. I’m at a beginner level and would LOVE to take classes!


If you look up at the top of KH page you will see View Videos. Those will help you see and learn many of the common knitting techniques. There is also a section in the forum for KAL (knit alongs) where some people are all working on the same pattern at the same time and will be willing to help out anyone having a problem along the way.

I love both the KALs and the videos. I just noticed that there is a site with an online classroom and thought how neat it would be to have online knitting classes. I take online classes for college and love the interactive portions of our classes.

Once again, I can’t say enough how much I LOVE KH! I’ve already learned so much here. It would just be really neat to see an online video once a week instructing on a particular project. Then, between video instruction, we could be working on our ‘homework.’ :slight_smile: Of course this all sounds fine to me because I not the one who would have to implement the idea. Tee-hee. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So did Sew Krazy actually close it’s doors then? Bummer!!! I think online classes would be fun, too. I’d like to delve into spinning & dying yarns.

I think they are open for a few more weeks. :frowning:

What a cool idea … you mean a class where everyone can see each other using web camera … video camera … I am so not technological …

I think this is a great idea! I would even love something as simple as a project that teaches different techniques (even something like "The Sweater Thang from the Jacqueline Fee book where we aren’t really knitting an item, but a “thing” that covers all the basics of sweater construction) with an experienced knitter leading us that we all start at the same time and knit to a certain point before the “next class” where we are given instructions for the next phase, do our homework - use the “class” for our questions and extra help, etc - then wait for the next assignment and so on. I do like the KALs, but I would love something that is a bit more structured so that everyone is at the same point at any given time and all learning/refining the same techniques as we go. Video would be such a bonus - but I don’t know anything about that side of things so don’t even know how big a deal that is… But I would be interested in joining in anything that came up re learning! It’ll be interesting seeing what kind of ideas/interest your idea sparks :smiley:

hmm that is not a bad idea. webcams are not that expensive and i believe you can you some type of skype of some sort but the computer people here would have to chime in.

I would pay for a class that helped me with a sweater. None of the LYS around here offer classes, or even have people working there who knit. I am trying to make the sweater sampler, but I am still confused on how to attach or start sleeves. The local college has classes, but 62 pounds for four weeks (once a week) is not in my budget.

I’d love a class or two also…

First we need Amy’s approval… then Shandeh to set it up, and maybe also record it so if your schedule couldn’t be there for the class, that class could log on and watch what was missed, or redo the class for practice.

We have a plan… we have steps to take… shall we ask Amy & Shandeh asap?

Then put a poll up for what type of class, how long, how $, and who does it…

Anyone want to send this tread to those two?

good idea!

Go for it snowbear!!!

Gosh, I wish I knew how to do all that!

I think that Sheldon and Amy would have to mastermind it. They are so cool about stuff like that.

I’ll mention it to them, and see what they say. :thumbsup:

I think this is a GREAT idea!!! Would LOVE a class… that would be so much fun!:yay::woot::woohoo::cheering::thumbsup: (got a little excited there… )

I hope they take it into consideration. I’m so glad I am not the only one who would like this. I was afraid when I posted this that everyone would think it was a stupid idea.

This is a great idea! I really hope they do it. With my two little ones it’s tough to get out of the house and go somewhere to learn. It would be great to be able to participate in a class from home!:mrgreen:

No guarantees. It’s being discussed by the mods.
Time will tell if it’s feasible. :wink:

Another board that I am on (a scrapbooking board) has monthly “spirited scraps” where someone shares a project online step by step. Everyone that wants to participate signs in and then each step is posted when a majority has finished the last one. The threads stay up for other people to try later on, if they weren’t able to join “live”.

It’s fun because no one (except the hostess) knows what they are making until it is over.

I don’t know if something like that can be done with knitting, but I thought I would throw it out there. :slight_smile: It wouldn’t really be a class, but it could be a fun small project that everybody could work on at the same time! :thumbsup: