Suggestion for a thick, double-sided stitch?

Novice but adventurous knitter here. I’m designing a pattern for a 4" x 70" skinny scarf for my husband. The yarn is handspun marled wool/silk, highly variegated red/blu/green, DK weight but thick/thin. So it’s not a yarn to showcase stitch definition.

I want a less flimsy fabric, with no possibility of the dreaded curl, so I have in mind to use Double Stockinette stitch on #7 needles. Not knowing when to leave good enough alone, I would like to include a border in a contrasting stitch.

My question: Double Stock is chunky–can anyone suggest a double-sided stitch of comparable thickness to use for a border?

Thanks for reading!

Do you want to knit the border at the same time, or add it on at the end?

You could do a textured border in double knitting with the centre in plain double knitting.

There are tutorials out there somewhere for moss stitch in double knitting, for instance, although I can’t find one right now.

P.S. I think your double knitting stockinette option sounds good for your yarn and would make a handsome scarf on its own. Maybe swatch and see?

I want to knit the border at the same time. I will take a look at the Double Moss Stitch you suggested.

Your question about applying a border afterward has me thinking that it would be easy to apply a crocheted border because Double-Stock has those neat chain-stitched edges.

Crochet stitches can be thicker than knit stitches, but the common stitches like Double Crochet probably would not be as thick as Double-Stock, do you think? There are a ton of crochet stitches, I’m just not familiar with any of them. And I’ve spent so many hours on pattern swatches (worked in a low-cost polyester yarn) and ripping out and starting over (on the expensive project yarn) that I was hoping someone would just hand me a chunky border stitch that would be “perfect” and do the trick.

I will look up the Double Moss Stitch you recommend. There has to be enough contrast so the border shows up and it cannot be at all lacy or limp and flappy, which would detract from it being masculine enough for my husband’s taste.

Thanks, Kushami, for your input and encouragement that the Double Stock will look good by itself if I end up going that way. :blush: Can’t wait to get this project done and out of the way!!

Sounds like it will be an interesting project! Do post a photo.

I just remembered a new technique (I haven’t tried it) that can be used to make a nice selvedge for garter stitch and double knitting, among other things.

It is called “distitch”:

I think there is a free tutorial that you can get from Ravelry showing how to use it as a selvedge. It’s not all that wide, but it does look rather chunky and satisfying, and the technical aspect of it may appeal to you.

Have fun!