Sugar Scallops stitch pattern questions

OK so I want to make a dresser Scarf for my mom for Christmas, I’m trying to put together a pattern for it. I really like the look of the Sugar Scallops that I have in a book, but there are parts of the pattern the confuse me.

It says:

Rows within the pattern repeat vary in length from 5-11 stitches. Eleven stitches are cast on for each repeat. When edging is complete, seven stitches remain on to begin the body of the work.

Row 1: Purl

Row 2: K2, *k1 and sl st back onto the source needle, pass next 8 stitches over this stitch and off the neddle, yo 2 times, knit the first stitch again, k2 Repeat from * to end of the row. 5 stitches +2.

Ok there’s a 3rd row too but I understand it.

My questions are:

  1. How does the length of stitches vary? And how will that effect my patten?

  2. The eight stitches that I pass over Won’t be worked that row, right?

Thanks so much! You all are a real help!

Some rows you will be doing increases that aren’t balanced by decreases, or vice versa. So the stitch count in each row will vary but that is the way it has to be to achieve this stitch pattern. If you follow the instructions, starting off with a multiple of 11 stitches you will end up with 7 stitches remaining per pattern repeat once you finish the edging.

And yes, the 8 stitches that you pass over and off the left needle will not have been worked.

OK now that makes since. :figureditout: I was reading it as the hole pattern varied, not each row. :doh: :?? and that just didn’t make since.

Thanks now I can knit on! xxx