Sugar N Cream

What do you all think? I saw this yarn at my LCS for a buck a ball, and was thinking about using it for a satchel done in Red, White and Blue. Is this yarn worth buying, or should I just chalk it up to “don’t worry about it, keep looking” type of thing?

Its a good yarn for washclothes and the like. It’s probably durable, but I’m not sure that the colors won’t run since its not mercandized. I could be wrong, there, though. My feeling is that for something as big an investment of time as a sachel, this wouldn’t be my first choice.

It’s a decent yarn for cotton projects. Dishcloths, washcloths, a beach bag, etc. I’ve even used it for a sweater. It’s a good buy. :thumbsup:

Years and years ago I made two sweaters from it (over bought). I thought it was a difficult to use (cotton) as it didn’t have much ‘give’, hard to keep constant tension and the thread/yarn seemed to separate 9did not stay twisted). I use cotton now but a different brand(currently working on a cotton top), and I don’t have any of the problems I had before. Not sure if it’s the brand, needle size (I’m using #4) or my age, I mean, experience :??

I would definitely check to see if the colors run, especially the red. If you carry cold groceries or water bottles, the moisture might affect the colors.

I’ve made a couple of things w/ S’n’C, and it’s a little fiddly, but I like it - I made a baby blanket, a purse, and am working on a sweater… It doesn’t have a lot of give, but I solved that when I made the blanket by knitting on a larger size needle, and then blocking w/hot water - when it dried, it looked great, the stitches all evened out and everything. I wouldn’t recommend this for anything fancy like cabling, but for a string bag in openwork, or something sturdier (you said satchel?) in stockinette, I’d say go for it.
I used Spring Meadows variegated and the stitch pattern for my so-called scarf, and it knit up awesomely - a really solid, durable fabric. If I hadn’t run out of yarn, this would have made a great bag…

the bag itself will actually be in seed stitch. it’s the monk’s satchel from Interweave knits.


I love how the colors patterned in your scarf! That looks great!


I know, it’s so cool… it actually happened naturally - the first time, anyway - but I screwed up somewhere and lost a few stitches - when I frogged it and started over, no pattern!! So I frogged it and started over again, … I think I must have done that 3 times before I got the tension right so that it would pattern that way again…
What’s that you were saying about healthy obsession??? :roflhard:

I have been wanting to practice the stitch pattern for My So Called Scarf before actually doing it with some “nice” yarn. After seeing your pic I came home to grab one of my SnC balls and got to it. I LOVE the stitch pattern.

Question: What kind of cast on did you do? I did the long tail (admitidly the only one I know) and it looks rather funny at the bottom.

Any suggetions?

I’m not sure if there’s a technical name for the cast-on I did for that… basically I
-make my slip knot,
-knit into it, but instead of slipping the old stitch off, I add the new st in front of the slip knot on the right needle
-then k into that one, slip the new st onto the right needle,
It makes a nice clean cast on edge - but it’s really tight, I don’t recommend it for anything you want to stretch at all!

I used US8 or 9 needles, I can’t remember ( although I’m pretty sure it was 8’s, I just thought they were 9’s :rollseyes: ) because I read a comment in this threadthat said that using recommended size needles made the scarf stiff - I wanted a sturdier fabric, it was supposed to be a diaper bag…that was my practice swatch, but I got so intrigued w/making the colors look cool that I never did anything else with it :?? and ended up running out of yarn… ~sigh~ anyway, I hope that helps a bit…

Here’s a detail of the cast on edge - ignore the yucky part, my DH spilled soda on it :rollseyes:

I think what you described is the knitted cast on.