Sugar n' Cream fans

Check your local Michaels! I found delightfully huge skeins of SnC (710 yards!) for $5 on clearance at the Michaels by my apartment. I got 3 of them, I would have gotten more but we’re going on vacation to Oregon next week and I have about 4 or 5 yarn shops I want to visit there. :slight_smile:

I bought one of those when I first started knitting and I still have it! I am so sick of the colours, but I keep plugging away. It’s a never ending ball of cotton.

I wish we had a Micheals.

I bought mine for the BYOB pattern from Knitty so I don’t expect mine to last toooo terribly long but only time will tell!

Gotta go to Michael’s this weekend. THANK YOU!!!

You’re welcome! I hope it’s on sale for you too!!

I wish there was a Michael’s near me! Or any place that sells yarn, for that matter.:nails:


La-la-la, la -la!

I don’t need yarn, I don’t need yarn, I don’t need yarn…

I have buckets of this stuff, why would I be getting the urge to actually GO there?? LOL!!! Thanks for the heads up! Man it’s tempting! :stuck_out_tongue: But I shall try to resist!

Hee! I saw it on sale on Saturday or Sunday and said NO, and then I spent a couple days thinking of nothing but huge skeins of cotton and finally had to go back to get it out of my head!

I’m not sure how it compares in yards…but, Hobby Lobby sells a one pound “spool” for $9.99 (it doesn’t say how many yards it is; with my 40% off coupon that’s less than $6.00 (including sales tax). If you have a H.L., check on line for their coupons. It seems like they post 40% off coupons every couple of weeks.:woot: It’s my first time buying it; but, compared to other yarns I’ve bought, I think it’s a good deal. Looks like it will make a LOT of dishrags!

Hobby Lobby also sells a ‘kit’ of three coordinated colors of the large skeins of Sugar N Cream. Regularly $22.00, with that 40% off coupon, that too, would be a pretty schweet deal.

WOW! I didn’t see a “kit”. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

The kits are pretty cool if you have a coupon!

I went to Michael’s and now I to figure out what I’m gonna do with all this cotton yarn! Better make some dishcloths I guess!

LOL~ I do the same thing!!! This week I did it over the new Lion Brand Sock-Ease that was for sale at Hobby Lobby~I bought one skein the first day, nice pretty grays and browns, then I decided I should probably get the others, because at 6.49 they were a bargain~I heard HL is upping the price to 10$ a skein after the introductury batch!~So I went back and bought another skein later that day…A pretty pink mixed~ And then (they still had two skeins left, you see) I couldn’t get the lemon yellow yarn out of my head, and went back yesterday and got that. :roll: I’m hopeless.

Hey, but I did actually manage to resist more SnC, even though I went to pick up stitch markers at Michaels…probably had something to do with having my four kids with me and wanting to get out in a hurry! :lol:

H.L. has the 40% coupon again this week…good till Saturday.


I need to live near one of those stores. I will tell dh we need to move to another state.:teehee:

Also check your local AC Moore if you have one. I was in one near my work on Friday - they were running an “instore special” on the S n C pounders for only $3.99!

my turn to be envious…I’ve never even heard of AC Moore until I saw it on this site. Oh well…I’m just glad to have found H.L.

LOL, and I never heard of Hobby Lobby before this site!:teehee: