Sugar Cookie or Dirt? What do you want to smell like?

Ha ha I love this site. I read about this the other day in some newspaper which led me here and so I’m wondering:


Mine has been tearose for over 10 years but I’m thinking of changing to WOOL.

Cosmopolitan anyone?

Well, my kids frequently smell like sugar cookie AND dirt! :rofl:

Oh…I would have to go for heliotrope!

Ummmmmmmmm, I don’t want to smell as either food or dirt. Yuck. What’s up with that?

Orange Cream Pop and Popcorn for me!!! Those are awsome !!

:rofl: NEAT!

Ummm heliotrope ummmm haven’t smelled that in ages.

Popcorn!!! HA! (didn’t notice that one is it there?)

Well, you don’t have to be food. How about a martini? Or grass?

I was just laying down for a nap and it came to me:
I want to smell like Wet Sheep with Tomato In The Dirt

(as opposed to On the Beach)


Some of those are very odd sounding! :teehee:

I actually have Gin and Tonic, and I love the smell of it…but I hate answering questions about it because I don’t drink! :shrug:

DH LOVES heliotrope, particularly the Blue Heliotrope. I like it too, but he just drinks it in… :teehee:

Sometimes I like vanilla, but more often patchouli or soft flowers. samm

i like vanilla bc you get to smell like a sugarcookie without paying a ridiculous amount. that said, the britney spears curious is a nice smell.

im fond of all sorts of scents. i love sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, poison, opium, coco chanel, tea rose, ysatis

if i could chose only one i think i would pick coco chanel. its a perfect scent

At Gap, they have some mix-your-own type perfumes, and I’m particularly fond of tuberose-patchouli, or as they called it in the sample card, “Vintage.”

Dirt perfume actually does smell nice, as long as you don’t marinade in it! (Of course, any scent, if applied too heavily, can be chemical warfare of a sort…)

I actually use Laundromat from the Demeter line. And at Christmas time, I like to use Demeter’s Frasier Fir. In the summertime, I like to use Summer Vacation. I want to know what “This is not a pipe” smells like…

These are funny! When I lived near an Ulta store I used to smell them all the time. I saw they have one called “cannibus flower”–what if this was “your scent” but you got pulled over while driving by a policeman? How do you explain that??? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ha that’s a good one, pulled over by a cop while wearing cannibis flower…hmmmm “Can I search your car please?” “Oh officer, it’s my Demeter!”

I don’t actually know Demeter purfumes, haven’t seen them around but then I haven’t been looking. Now I want to go out and smell them, esp Dirt. One thing I noticed since I started gardening a few years ago, is how much I love the smell of a tomato plant. Then I heard they’ve put this in a purfume but I don’t know if it’s the same as Demeter’s tomato.

I have Ysatis and Paris and Coco and what else, oh the best is
Jo Malone Lime & something. Fortunately it was a gift coz it costs $75 or something like that. A few months ago I did a opinion panel thingy (focus group) they do here in NY, I had to bring my purfumes with me… about 12 of us sat around and explained why we wore this or that and then voted on new names for a Chanel purfume. got paid like $150!!! (now that’s a job I love but they won’t call you often) There’s one in Connecticut too if anyone’s interested in being put on their list.

Gin and tonic sounds very interesting. I love patchouli but it’s not right on me. Anybody hang out in Sephora? I can blow 3 hours in there playing. Trying on all the $100 face creams!

Laundromat!!!? Now that’s one I’ve got to smell. I like laundromat smell. Fresh sheets might be even better though.

i want to smell it!!!

Hey Victoise,
Tomato actually smells like the tomato plant. Very fresh and green smelling. Reminds me of the smell of the tomato when you twist it off of the vine. I bet you’d like it.