Suffering From Knitting Burnout


Wow, it’s been a long time since I was here.

While I don’t really have a favorite, I would recommend staying within the same brand if you can. That way the components of different sets are interchangeable as well as within each set. I have discovered that Knitter’s Pride is compatible with Knit Pick’s Options. I prefer knitting with circulars because larger projects become less awkward and feel like they weigh less than on straight needles. Also, straight needles don’t come in really long lengths like you would need for a full-sized bed cover.


Hi Metylda,
It has been some time since I have been here too, so do not feel bad.

Thank you for the advice. I have recovered from the knitting burnout I had, and have gone back to knitting. How it happened was that one morning (early morning, before 6:00 a.m.), I woke up and wanted to knit, so I did. That makes me very happy.

And about circulars, I am thinking of getting size 50 circular needles for a blanket I want to make. Have you ever used size 50 circular needles?


Hi there!!!

Wanted to let u know that I’ve used size 50 circular needles before!! I’ve used them with 4 strands of Lion Brand Homespun yarn together to make afghans.



That’s cool! I have used size 8 circular needles to make a baby blanket, which I am in the process of doing decreasing stitches on. This is my first time using circular needles, but I am doing fine with them.



Maybe it’s the time to take a break. You can try some other activities such as painting by numbers to refresh your mind. I suggest you to try painting, singing or to write some poetry. Hope it will work.


I crochet when I Get knitting burnout . I have worked several pieces for family members over the last year or so . At the moment Im knitting a jumper for my adult daughter with two different lace panels ( one front , one at the back ) and I can see it far enough , I cant wait to get it finished . To make it worse Ive ordered wool to crochet my sis-in law a large throw and matching cushions and its all I can think about . She is going through radio treatment and chemo so I would like to do this asap . I think the jumper will be going on the back burner …!!


I’m experiencing burnout now after the Christmas rush is over. I put the needles away for a few days and take a vacation. I also like to do a beginner pattern, something with garter stitch and straight needles for a change. I’ve noticed when this happens, I’m usually bored. I go yarn shopping for something that feels good and is colorful. Sometimes that gets the creative juices going. Sometimes I browse sites like Lion Brand, Yarnspirations, or Ravelry to see if something catches my eye and gets me inspired again.


Thanks for the advice!


I’d say it depends on how often you’re actually knitting. For instance, I don’t get time for big pieces more than once a weeks, so for me it’s not about burn out but about balance. I think for even someone with a lighter schedule balance is the key. The bad thing is when your hobby becomes a routine.

No one works on stuff constantly, so it’s important to do other things in live besides craft. You don’t need to fight this feeling, but surely you should try something new. For example, when I had really bad sewing burnouts (after big projects mostly or several deadlines), I just taught my kid machine sewing. Since that was something I never did before, it was funny and recharging (physically and mentally) for both of us. It’s like we made a game of my working process so it became more interesting.

Don’t beat yourself up or it takes the joy away. And stay calm since, like, it happens to all of us :rose:


Sometimes. Then, I pick up the cross stitching or crochet.


Thanks for the advice! I have a friend who is starting to experience this problem; like me, she had never had this before.