Suffering for my art

The one thing I hate about being a thrower is that I tend to push my needles in and out of stitches (push them on the points). I have such a sore thumb and sore forefinger. ARGH! I’ve tried contintental knitting and CAN do it, but I prefer to throw. So for now, I will just suffer for my art. Sore fingers or not, I can’t stop knitting!! :slight_smile:

What about a thimble… you could try that!

I need to buy one. Or two. I’m not a sewer. I’m breaking into fabric arts one craft at a time. Knitting first. :slight_smile:

You could also try a finger condom thing that they use at the post office. They have them in office supply stores and are usually made of a soft plastic and have little nubbly things on them.

I understand. I have a callous where I push the needle points.

I do that with Continental. The grass isn’t any greener.

I have callouses from polishing rings so it doesn’t bother me, except when #3 dpns manage to poke through. Then they always seem to find the hole.
So now I’ve started pushing by putting the needle under a fingernail.

Ouch! I understand! I do the same thing.

I had to go knit a few stitches to try to figure this out; why are you pushing your needles? I don’t understand, and am beginning to freak out thinking there is something that I need to know. Is there???

why dont you hold the needles like amy? she wraps the yarn around her pinkie and her foefinger goes under the yarn when she knits english so do i

She also pushes the needle in and out of the stitches in her video.

I’m with ya, girl. I do the same thing. Sometimes after I’ve done a marathon session I can see a little indentation on my forefinger from where I’ve been pushing the needle. :wink:

You can put them inside-out and the nubbly things won’t snag your yarn.

What a good suggestion, think I will be making a trip to the office supply store. I have sore forefinger, I am a thrower - tried continental but haven’t gotten the ‘hang’ of it yet - so think this just might help. Come to think of it, years ago when I worked in an office seems I had something like what you described. I don’t think I called it a ‘condom’ though. Just teasing… Thanks for the great suggestion for sore fingers!

lol @ finger condom. I too had sore fingers for a while…but now I’m used to it :mrgreen:

i do it too! Used to hurt but now i i’m used to it (still gets a bit sore after while tho), i hav a small callous on my finger. Then again it’s nowhere near as painful as my attempt to play the guitar so I’m happy to live with it.