Suede yarn

i want to make some baby Ugg’s and i was wondering could i use Lion Brand suede instead od Berrco? does it matter?

In theory, if the guage matches … you should be good to go. :wink: But then again, still … not all yarns behave the same. :thinking:

I think it’s worth a try. They would look cute in ‘suede’. For a kid that doesn’t walk, your baby will have the best-dressed feet in town!!

:thumbsup: right on! injust don’t want her feet to get cold with fall comin!

oooooooh i am thinkin’ on making the Uggs too!! i have been looking at them for a while and i think i wanna do it now. i am prolly going to get the stuff it calls for and hoping i can get more than one pair out of them.

I already had that idea, and tried it. LB suede is way too thick. I couldn’t get the gauge small enough to match. I made a bootie anyway, squeezing in sts the best I could. The bootie still turned out way too big. :frowning:

I agree with Silver. I am using the Lion Suede for something right now and it’s very thick and bulky.

OK thanks Silver a :thumbsup: nd everybody!

i thought i would ask ya’ll cause ya’ll would know better than me!!!

i’m going to make the hat too!

Where are you finding a pattern for these? I have some baby gifts to get/make and I would love to make a pair of these.

Ugg Baby Booties

go 2 the bottom 2 find the pattern 4 the hat.