Suddenly Very Relaxing

Its nice to hear from you.Dont worry to much,practice is the best thing for you.I used to get so frustrated not being able to fix my mistakes.It got embarassing always running to a knitting friend to fix it…One day it will seem so easy to fix it , you’ll be amazed.
Just enjoy the knitting,it will put me to sleep if I dont watch it.Your tension will get better the more you do.
What is your main route you drive??? Sissy

Thanks Sissy.

I don’t have a regular route. I mainly run between WI and the Southern states, but no particular regular route. I just go wherever the stuff needs to go.

ROFL I have this fabulous picture of you in my head now, Mason, in that giant truck (I don’t think we have anything that big in the UK!) with the pink yarn and pipe and the knitters chant! :hug:

Super grats on relaxing into the knitting - you are right the tension will come soon enough =D certainly likely to come faster now that you are relaxing into it =D

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting, I think its great that you knit and I love that you KIP in your truck! I do it on the London tube on the way in to work and now I’ll think of you in your truck doing it too :teehee:

I’ve been really enjoying reading your posts; your frustration, your “aha” moments, and now that you have moved on to the relaxing stage =D

If you ever drive through NY/NJ, wave to the dark gray '07 Camry with the Boston University sticker and NJ plates, wave to me. :teehee:

I’d wave back, but I don’t recognize my friends’ cars, let alone a truck I’ve seen a picture of on the internet. :rofl:

LOL Mulene. Then allow me complete the picture for you.

Firstly, at the moment the yarn is red. Now that we have that out of the way LOL. Big hairy trucker, tattoos on both muscular arms, pipe filled with a nice local tobacconist’s custom vanilla maple blend, knitting away while listening to Bach or Beethoven on satellite radio.

That should give you a chuckle or two on the tube. LOL

I used to run for an outfit out of Pennsauken, NJ a few years back. Being from FL I knew I was in trouble when I started giving other truckers directions to places in NJ. LOL

I haven’t run through the NorthEast area since.

You remind me of my brother in law…I just taught him to knit too. It was hard enough…he is a big construction worker with HUGE hands, handling a size 8 pair of bamboo needles…without me laughing right out loud at the poor guy for trying to maneuver those tiny needles and the delicate baby yarn he had picked out for his first project.

He too likes to listen to Bach when he knits. And I can picture him now…flannel shirt, ripped blue jeans, bare feet, sitting on his front porch after work, knitting on a pink baby blanket. :heart:

I just love that guy!

Keep on knittin’, er, truckin’.



I can empathize with him as I also have big hands.

I’d like to find some bamboo needles, I think they’d be cool. I could use my chopsticks I suppose LOL

why dont you have a blog? you should totally have a blog.

a blog is a happy place where you tell us about your knitting journey, and pretty much anything else you have to say.

plus its easier for us to keep up with you that way, rather than tracking down a dozen threads.


I’m sorry Madametj, I didn’t realize that my posts were a problem.

Actually I do have a blog at Joe User, but it covers a lot of things besides knitting. My knitting thoughts and such are in there, but also my trucking stuff and some other odd thoughts as well.

I’ll try to keep my posts here restricted to knitting questions and problems so as to not disrupt the flow of the forum. Thanks for the heads-up.

~cups hand over mouth~ i did not mean to make your posts sound like a problem (though after reading my post over it sure sounds that way, oops) they’re fine trust me. your current posts are good. i was just suggesting a blog on this forum 'cause, i dunno they’re just a super convenient.

no need to b sorry dude 8)

GAH! Stop! Don’t change your posts…they are delightful! Putting them in the blog would make me stop reading too cuz there is WAAAAY too much action over there for me to keep up with! Leave your posts just the way they are!!! (is that enough exclamation points?)

GAH! Stop! Don’t change your posts…they are delightful! Putting them in the blog would make me stop reading too cuz there is WAAAAY too much action over there for me to keep up with! Leave your posts just the way they are!!! (is that enough exclamation points?)[/quote]

i think u need about 7 more to make it dramatic :teehee:

My sincerest apologies Madametj. I mistook the gist of your comment. That’s the problem with the written word, there is no voice inflection or body language to go along with them.

Please forgive my reaction. I recently had a rather less than favorable experience on another forum where I was basically told that I posted too much. As someone who still remembers the internet when it was text-only and we all communicated via BBS, and has never had a problem on a web forum, I guess I am still a tad sensitive over that incident.

I put great stock in civility whether it be in person or via cyberspace. Again, my apologies for misreading your post.

(have you ever seen the number of posts some people around here have?..posting too much is NOT a problem around here…lol)


I think you should have a blog AND post on the general board.

You’d be a hit. :hug:

Thanks for the ego boost cawthraven.

lol, you’re one to talk: you’re sitting right outside the top ten poster list (#11)

Oh god please don’t, it’s been an absolute delight following your posts, you make me chuckle all the time and god knows i need more of those scarce moments. The blog threads are WWAAAYYY outta control, too outta control for me to read, so i would never get to hear from you if you didn’t post in the other forums. Don’t stop :pray: