Sudden pattern panic

I’m working on a sweater and I have already finished the back section. Now that I am close to finishing the front, I’ve noticed that the front seems to be a little longer than the back. What I’m wondering is: is this normal? I mean, are the few extra inches so that there is a little more give in the front or something to that effect?

It’s possible your gauge loosened up while you knit the front. Try to get the same measurement rather than the same number of rows.

From what my resources say, this is totally normal.They say every knitter should do that! Here are their exact words:
" Every knitter should knit one side of a sweater longer than the other! It is totally normal.":thumbsup:

Thanks so much for setting my mind at ease!

The question is: did you count rows? Or were there instructions that you followed that made the size come out?

If you did count the rows, then just make sure that in sewing the pieces together you attach one row to one row. That way things are even in the end.

If it is immensely different, I would worry. If not: oh, well.

I do go by the measure when matching the parts, as well. You just have to make sure that you’re not stretching the piece while measuring it.