Sucked in by FT Clog

Ok, I am dying to make them, and need someone to point me to an on-line store that will let me pay and then download the pattern, or e-mail it to me. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE SHIPPED, I really don’t think I can survive it. It will be the first pattern I ever bought, and all thanks to the Yarn Harlots blog this morning…

all help appreciated, Laura

I don’t know of any place that will download it. Many yarn shops carry it if you want to go on an excursion.

Ooofffff…ty an trip to a YS to buy the pattern would be an excursion, about 3 hours or so one way. Dang small town… Guess I will have to suck it up and order one.

TY again

I just ordered some patterns from Carodan Farm, and I know they carry this pattern and the child’s clog pattern. Shipping was reasonable, too. Go to, or you could try searching ebay. The problem with ebay is that some of the sellers will charge exorbitant fees for shipping, so be sure to check that.

When I bought my clog pattern, I was at NY Sheep &Wool.