Such Frustration

I started this pattern for my mother ( and had to adjust a little to use yarn I had vs buying new yarn. I took an impromptu trip to see my parents this last week, stayed up past midnight to finish the darn thing…and it DOES NOT FIT her !!! I ran out of yarn and could not make the collar wide enough. I actually left without taking a picture of it. :hair: :wall:

Aww, that’s too bad. That’s one reason I try really hard to use either the yarn called for one that at least works to the same gauge. Are you going to rip and reknit?

Oh, I’m so sorry. Will you redo it in different yarn, or could you add a contrasting color, something? I’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while now. I think my granddaughter needs it.

It’s a lovely pattern. Sorry for the problems with fit (too small?). That’s so disappointing.
Maybe worth frogging and saving the yarn for something else then re-knitting this with enough yarn for the great looking collar.

I’m not sure I would know how to knit something if I didn’t change something :wink:

I used the yarn I had b/c my mother had given it to me so I wanted to use it to make something for her. I’m not sure where she got the yarn so I have tasked her with finding a skein in coordinating color. The question is do I rip it back and make it a stripe or just add it onto the edge of the collar?

Ask mom for a picture, maybe. Seeing it would make it easier to help you out. Mom should be cooperative since it’s for her. Maybe. We moms can be difficult, I know.

haha - I dare say it is the frustrated daughter who is being difficult : )

Really? :wink: Maybe it’s like mother, like daughter?