Such a sweet pattern and already I'm stuck! Help!

The pattern: free from “BabyDROPS” number 16-1 - Pink Baby Poncho

The prob: They say to do MOSS ST I’m supposed to do Row 1 and then Row 2…

BUT in Row 2 it says to ‘Repeat row 2’.

Am I to understand I should do exactly what it says and do Row 1 and then do Row 2 twice?

I didn’t think that was how to do the MOSS St/American version…

What should I do? Mith (and thanks a million)

It looks like seed stitch to me. Knit the purls and purl the knits on each row.

Yep, looks fine to me. You finish with a knit st, so when you turn, it’s a purl st facing you, so you knit it. You won’t be doing row 2 twice, you will be repeating it until you’re done doing that particular st. Row 2 instructions are just telling you what Ingrid did: knit the purls and purl the knits (as they appear when you work them, not as they were in the previous row!), so that is why you will repeat it, since it doesn’t change.

Oh, and don’t forget that they want 3 garter sts at each edge.