Successful knitting interaction

at my Mothers Choir COncert last weekend I was knitting through the whole thing, but at intermission, I got up, spoke to people and walked around a bit
finally we were setti]ling in, and I complimented the sweater on the woman sitting in front of me
we discussed the Weather here in Maine and Down in Pa
then she asked what I was knitting
I pulled one of my Goddesses out of my Bag and handed it to her so she could see the finished product
she exclaimed How wonderful, a little Stuffed Goddess
I smiled and said “you don’t know HOW wonderful yet, let me show you” and I pulled out the card I made to go with them (If I ever find a place to sell them in)
the lady read it, then turned to me with tears in her eyes
"WHat made you want to talk to ME?? how did you know I was in THIS much pain?"
so I pulled every finished one I had in my bag and piled them inher lap
she picked the one she liked and even insited on paying me for it (she gave me everything she had $5.50)

THAT is why I made them
tohelp other women

just a good story
hope it translated well


That’s a wondeful story! Hugs to you for being so kind! :heart:

What are goddesses though? :thinking:

I’m dying to know what your cards say. Please tell us more.

I’m glad your godess touched her so much, it sounds wonderful.

the card says

It is known that your struggle is Unique,
this Lovely Goddess is to Remind you that though your Struggle is your own, there have been a Billion Women before you that have struggled with the same Issue, and a Billion Women will Follow you in the same struggle as well. You are NOT alone.

This goddess was made with
________ Wool
________ Mohair
________ Nylon
________ Acrylic

________ Poly Fill
________ Wool

I hope you enjoy this Lovely Pocket Goddess.

That is so very sweet - and true! How wonderful of you to reach out to other women in what ever struggle they are facing. What a kind heart you have! :heart:

God bless you

[color=blue]That was a beautiful thing that you shared with her and us :heart: - Sometimes we connect with folks in places we never imagine. Take care,

soon to be in Sebago yay![/color]

I have ben working at finding a market for my Little Goddesses, today I went into a book store that was recomended to me by a Shaman in town
I went in, and the people there all thought maybe the owner might like to see them, and could I leave one or two with them,
I sold 4 right then and there
I am gonna make a nice chain to display them on, and go back next week
its a way cool shop
good karma


Love the story. It is amazing how “little” things can help so much.

I am so touched by the story. Thanks for sharing.

Is this a pattern you made yourself? Very nice :heart: I’ve been thinking about knitting mandalas. A little goddess in the middle would be perfect.

VERY touching story
best of luck w/them!
thank you