I didn’t know where else to put this. Last night, I went to a new LYS (really nice Romanian woman talked to me for a while and she recommended a new needle for my project). I bought a circular bamboo needle and it works so well, I think I’m sticking with bamboo. I bought a new skein and then came on to work on ribbing again.

It works! It’s looking so pretty and I’m so happy that I can finally get this down. I also just got a ravelry account and I’ll be posting pictures of my work so far there. :smiley: It’s not perfect, but at least I can see the freakin’ ribbing.

Thought I’d bounce. :smiley: Thanks guys!

:yay: :cheering: :woohoo: I love bamboo needles!

Excellent! It’s great to have someone locally who can help you out. Just keep working on it and you’ll be on to the next thing in no time…

I went to Ravelry and viewed your projects. Very nice!!!

I LOVE BAMBOO!!! I am so glad you joined me with my bamboo knitting needles! and I am glad you can see the ribbing. WOO HOO

I love to work with bamboo as well, especially with a new yarn or pattern, congrats on learning the ribbing! Isn’t it rewarding to see it come out how you planned it to !:yay:

Congrats! It’s so excited to find a product you really like and master a new technique!

The pictures of my projects are such crap, too. :slight_smile: Couldn’t get a good shot of them at all.

Thank you everyone for the kind words! :hug:

:woohoo: That’s great! Finding tools that help you accomplish what you want is a great step forward. Good luck building on your successes.

So I went back to look at a picture of my original pattern. My scarf doesn’t look anything like it. There is still ribbing (which was my goal in the first place), but I apparently hold my yarn too loose or something. The scarf is knitted like thick lace – somewhat holey but still very warm – while the picture of the pattern was very tight.

I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I’m kinda thinking it doesn’t matter. I have third of a pretty scarf. It’s just a little frustrating. The only thing I did wrong with the pattern is instead of casting on 30, I casted on 24. It’s a k1, p1 pattern, so it shouldn’t make a difference, as long as it’s even.

… right?

Right, it shouldn’t.
You either knit loosely or you used a different yarn/needle combination?
Either way, if you’re happy with it, it’s all good!

I had never heard of bamboo needles…

I knit loosely, which is a lot of it. The website said you could use any yarn and size 8, 9 or 10 needles (I’m using 10), so I probably just don’t hold my yarn tight enough.

Bamboo needles are -incredibly- light and the yarn just moves easier. I thought that metal would be the best, being so slick, but I’ve had easier time with bamboo – and sometimes, you can get them a lot cheaper. I spent $7 for metal needles and I got these for $6, though I think I got lucky with purchasing them at a small LYS.