Success! Wristers-A-Plenty, first dpns project!

More adventures in newbie knitting! I started these last week in a different yarn, didn’t like them, tossed the first one and started over in Caron Simply Soft (grey heather) last Friday night. I finished BO about 1.5 hours after the Superbowl ended on Sunday. Woo hoo!!!

The unhappy-looking cat is our beloved Spike. He’s 8 years old. When we found him in a field, alone and scared, in July of 2000, he could fit in the palm of my hand.

Congrats! They look great…and your model there is cute too - although that’s about as excited as cats get as models from what I can tell. Mine just look ticked off…

great job! :hug:

I really like them in the gray, good job!

They look great well done x

Congrats! they look great!

Congrats, they look great. I’m sure that gray will work out perfectly for matching things

Great job! now you have to make a hat and scarf to go with!
Mulder is never a very excited model. Though he does like to lay on the project!:muah:

:happydance: They look great!!

They look very nice! I like that grey…

Kitty: how can it be that July 2000 was EIGHT years ago!?? I’m in a huge time warp today…

They look great!

Great job! DPNs are so intimidating at first- now that you’ve conquered them, you should try socks!

The young lady in my LYS is trying to talk me into taking her sock class, but I keep thinking, why should I spend that money when I can just follow Silver’s excellent tutorial?? But, then I think it would be nice to meet other people knitting their own first socks and have live help available, too. And then, I think, “what, am I nuts?? I am NOT ready for socks yet!!”

Nice job. I have been making some fingerless mitts lately too. I have been noticing quite a few patterns with this long “palm” area coming almost over the little finger. How do you like wearing them? Does the length get in the way? The ones I have made only come to the beginning of the fingers. I’m wondering how they compare in use.

Those look really nice on. I think you did a terrific job!

You did a great job! They look really nice; soft and warm.

Remember when you thought you couldn’t knit with dpns? You forged on and look what became of those 3 or 4 needles. Attack socks with the same resolve and you will have socks! Go for it! :woot: