Success With Knitting Bag

Just before Christmas I visited a great shop in downtown Vancouver, Birkeland Bros. and a terrific man helped me greatly with needles and yarn … I had not yet begun a project … I was in the very new stage … I saw a bag there and thought it rather big so I didn’t buy it … didn’t really care for the color of black/gray … though my hubby liked it …

So the last week or so I’ve been researching bags and even had a great topic running on the Proverbial knitting bag search … got some great ideas and wore my fingers to the bone on Ebay … bought three tote type thingies locally and each one went back … my last one, a Claiborne bag was too big … my daughter said I looked like one of those spies that walks through the airport carrying a small suitcase and sets it down so someone else can pick it up and keep walking with it or the bag explodes … I said “but I WAS a spy! It’s residual behavior” … she said “mom, put the bag down” … I did, underneath a mannequin … my daughter nearly died … she said “I hope you didn’t use explosive yarn” … 17 year olds are all comedians.

I am a member of the meetup for Vancouver knitters and today we had an afternoon meetup in the city … I am 40 mins from the city but I went and met with 9 knitters in a great cafe in Yaletown downtown … the man from Birkeland Bros is a member and he was at the meetup … he wrote out my pattern for me in long hand (my shawl that I keep messing up) and showed me how to read the parts in between parenthesis for repeats etc … well I decided that I would go on my way to the meetup to Birkeland Bros and see if the bag was still there … it was so I bought it … it’s by Dritz “St Jane” collection and it’s great … haven’t seen it online and this shop only carries one at a time as they are not huge movers … it has three pockets on each outside and one needle case on each end plus a very roomy inside with a pocket area … real sturdy tapestry material …

But now I need Namaste needles … :teehee:


Now you have a GREAT excuse to be way too busy!~~~!!
love the pockets~!! :heart: :heart:

I love that bag!

I saw your signature line about the blankets for animal shelters and it just inspired hubby and me to buy dog and cat food and donate it to our local animal shelter. So, thank you for that!!! :heart:

I love that bag! I prefer one that doesn’t make people stare as I kind of like to be invisible. :teehee: It looks like it’ll be a perfect knitting bag!