Success and Failure in the Same AM

2 items this morning:

new skein of yarn couldn’t find end in middle and husband with experience since childhood could not either. SOOOOO, I watched Amy’s video to learn how to roll a center pull ball. And I proceeded to roll my first center pull ball. Yet, again, just follow the video. My ball actually sits nicely on the floor and is pretty much as nice as the one the yarn shop wound for me last week that I raved about.

ok, then the failure. I’m working on the hat for my racing buddy and had to join a new color. This is knit in the round, and I joined onto the new side/round of the circular needle instead of the round I had just finished. Next round switches back to the old color. So two rounds after I joined the new color, I find I basically have two rounds that aren’t joined. I’d post a picture of my silliness but that would just add to the time it will take me to unknit and fix it.

So, to go with my “atagirl” this morning, I am giving myself a “what a goofball.”

Children will be over later and we will felt hat for baby Dakota. Pictures later!

You don’t have to take it out! Just sew it closed.

It’s funny how we are such creatures of habit, though.

I thought of doing that, but I was afraid it would look funky. I do like that idea, so maybe I will now that I’ve pouted enough.