Substiution of Yarn in Pattern

I have been looking at magazines for different projects to complete.

I have noticed allot of the yarn calling for is what has been used for the project.

My question is how can you tell what weight the yarn is if it only has the name of yarn?

Go to and look up the name, or to the manufacturer’s website. You can sometimes also tell by the gauge or needles used. A worsted will be knit on size 7-9, DK on size 5-7, bulky on 10 or larger.


Suzeeq is absolutely correct! :thumbsup:

And I’d like to add to that: when substituting a diff yarn than the patt calls for: try to get as close to the gauge as possible. You won’t have to tinker around with your gauge swatch as much. Gauge makes all the difference to a good outcome!

And if you find a yarn you want to use that’s a different gauge, you can knit the pattern in a different size, using more or less sts than originally called for.

I think that was my problem with my sweater (I am the Sweater Chicken)

[B][I]“I have not done a gage and I found it a was of time. [/I][/B]
[B][I]After a few projects with no gage, it become a waste of yarn.”

[/I][/B]Maybe that comment will be in a knitting mag one day…

Thoughts by Kryssie, better known as Gingergal4L8R :roflhard: