Substitution Question

I have a pattern for a bath set, that I want to knit for a gift. It calls for Reynolds Morocco yarn, worsted weight. It is a linen/cotton blend. This yarn is unavailable where I live, and I was wondering if a 100% cotton yarn would do. If so, does anyone know of a soft one. I don’t mind using lion, or Sugar and Cream for dishcloths, but I think a bath mit, and cloth should be softer. Any suggestions?

I love (and am currently using) Blue Sky cotton for flower washcloths.

Is that the flower wash cloth pattern in the “Weekend Knitting” book? I love that pattern.

I found something by bernat, called cotton tots. It’s really soft. I’m going to have to try the yarn your using. Did you order it online?

Nope…it’s Becka’s own pattern. Cool, aren’t they???

They’re beautiful! It takes such talent to be able to design. I may have to try to make some of those.