Substituting Yarns

HI - I have a favourite pattern in double knitting yarn but wish to knit it in Chunky. Is this possible? and how do I translate this pattern?
Many thanks.

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It’s going to take fewer stitches and fewer rows to knit the pattern with the chunky yarn. Knitting a gauge swatch will help you determine how many sts you’ll need. You might be able to go down to a smaller size for stitch information.
What is it that you’re making and can you post a link to the pattern or give the pattern name?

Thanks for your response. This is a very old pattern for a jumper so no links to anything useful. I had considered the next size down option which I will give a try. Guess I was just looking for some kind of easy formula…Of course, could just look for another pattern in the correct yarn…:wink:

You may have to go 2 or 3 sizes down. CO about 20 sts and knit a couple inches, see how many stitches per inch you get. Then divide that into the stitches given for the various sizes just below the underarm, and see which one is closest to the finished measurement you want. If you just start in on the next size down without check, it may turn out too large.