Substituting Yarn

I wanted to substitute yarn for a toy rabbit pattern I bought begause the suggested ones were quite expensive and I just wanted to check I’ve bought the right thing.

[B]Suggested - baby alpaca dk 22sts. 30 rows
[/B]I bought rowan pure wool 4ply 22sts. 30 rows

Does it matter that I’m swapping dk for 4ply?

[B]Suggested - organic cotton 4ply 28sts. 36 rows[/B]
I checked on the internet and ordered rowan pure wool 4 ply (stupidly not realising that I already had some in another colour and the ball band details were different) because the details said that it was 28sts. 36 rows, but when It arrived the details on the label say 22sts. 30 rows.

Can I still use this?

Sometimes ‘4 ply’ just refers to how many strands in it, not the weight. Look at the needles used in the gauge, they may be different. But if the yarn you bought will knit to the same gauge in the pattern you’re fine.

The rowan wool seem like a good alternative for the baby alpaca. Ply is not so standard anymore and not as helpful as it may once have been in describing yarn.

The Rowan wool is probably a thicker yarn than the organic cotton but as Sue suggests, try it on needles and see if you can get the pattern gauge that you need and a fabric that you like (not too tight and stiff). Possibly you could follow the pattern directions for a smaller size garment to compensate.