Substituting Yarn

Hello all,

I wanted to know if anyone could help me with the following:

I am knitting a cape (found in Rowan Studio 13) which has called for the use of “Big Wool.” I have found this wool to be quite expensive, so I have bought some “Little Big Wool” in the sales.

I understand that the wool I am using is quite different from the wool used in the pattern, so i will have to adjust my tension.

The pattern tension is 8sts and 12 rows, but the tension on the wool states 11sts and 15 rows.

What should I do to incorporate the difference into the pattern?

I forgot to mention that that pattern says I should be using size 9mm and 10mm needles but the wool label says that the ideal size would be 9mm

You can go up to 10 mm needles with it and see if you get gauge. You should be able to come close at least, and I don’t think it will be too loose to knit with the larger ones.

The gauge on the label and the needle size used for it is more to classify yarn into the weight - worsted, bulky, chunky - than it is to `recommend’ the correct needle size. I find that yarn knit to the label gauge is very stiff and can be rough even when the yarn is a soft one.

Brilliant, so you think I should just continue with the pattern as it is with no need to change anything?

I’ve done the cast on and done the first row, but i want to make sure that everything is ok before I continue.

Well, the usual advice is to cast on about 20 sts and knit a sample (aka swatch) to see that you’re close enough. That way you can tell if you’re getting 8, 9 or 10 sts per 4"/10cm. If it’s a little off it may be a bit small, so you might need to add an extra 10 to 20 sts to the overall size. You don’t need to undo what you’ve knit so far, take another yarn end and knit the sample and compare.